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How You Can Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Budget

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Having a pleasing bathroom can greatly affect you and your visitors’ mood. That alone should be enough reason to give it a makeover. Of course, not all bathroom makeovers are inexpensive. And some bathroom renovations require professional help to ensure that the project will run smoothly.

But across Australia, from Brisbane to Tasmania, many homeowners are seeing the fun and practical side of trying bathroom DIYs. If you’re just dipping your toes into the water of handicrafts, experts from Aquatic Bathrooms share some simple ideas you can try.

1. Change Up the Finishing on Your Drawers and Cabinets

It’s not an overstatement to say that even minute details can make a big impact. If you’re on a budget and unsure about how to use some tools, this DIY is for you. You can buy your new hardware online or even in vintage stores for a more rustic vibe. You can even feature a variety for a more artsy finish.

2. Add Greenery Inside

Plants can liven up the bathroom and add a tranquil feeling. If you have potted plants that don’t require too much sunlight, you can simply move them to the bathroom. Otherwise, a quick visit to your local garden supply shop can make it easy to find the ideal plant. Generally, it’s best to look for a plant that has enough foliage to add pop, but one that won’t overpower your space.

If you’re short on space on the ground, a hanging plant will also do the trick. Still feeling cramped? Small countertop-friendly plants are perfect. If you’re worried about the maintenance of these plants, don’t shy away from artificial options.

3. Create a Pamper Station

The bathroom is your space dedicated to unwinding and relaxation. Make it more enjoyable by creating a little station for you and your guests that features different products. You can put some lotion, bath essentials (think scrubs, essential oils, or body washes), facial mists, and aftershave.

These are relatively inexpensive but add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. You can even add a little reed diffuser or oil burner for an extra boost in ambiance. A well-appointed linen closet or even a nicely-folded stack of towels can make your bathroom look more put together.

4. Change Your Showerhead

shower head

If you’re still using your standard showerhead, you’ll be surprised how much of an improvement a swap can do. Maybe you can enjoy the versatility of a movable showerhead. Or perhaps, a rain showerhead is more attractive to you.

If you have weak water pressure, sometimes a newer showerhead can also help with this issue. Some models even help save water by dispensing smaller but sufficient amounts of water every bath.

Your bathroom should be more than just a functional space. Make it your own and an extension of your personal space with a few DIY projects that can be the foundation of bigger projects in the future. From paint jobs to pretty baubles, there’s something for everyone no matter how well you can manage a toolbox.

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