High angle view of a stylish outdoor kitchen, gas barbecue and dining table set for entertaining guests with formal place settings and flowers on a paved patioMost people are now spending more time outdoors, so a patio is an essential part of most properties. Though everyone wants an outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment, few people have patios on their properties because they assume that their small outdoor space cannot accommodate a terrace. They would rather not have a patio than have one that looks too cramped because of the limited space.

However, experienced Stratco patio builders have many design tactics that will make even the smallest patio look deceptively large. As such, virtually every outdoor space can have a terrace. Here are the things that can make small patios look large and boost your comfort.


People assume that patios are open spaces with only a roof. Your builder can recommend adding drapes on your patios to ‘open them up’ and expand the vertical space. The ideal fabric used for your patio’s drapes should be UV-resistant to prevent fading or sun damage. Some people opt for bamboo poles for their curtain rods to add an eco-friendly element to their entire patio design.


Mirrors on different areas on your patio will reflect the outdoor light and make it look more spacious than it really is. The ideal choice is to install a mirror behind a patch of plants to make the mirror look like an entrance into another garden. This does not necessarily mean the hanging of a huge mirror. Even a regular-sized mirror can suffice as long as it has an edge sealer to avert moisture damage.

Residential backyard patio overlooking lawn and lake

Tiered Gardens

You can make your patio look bigger by creating a tiered garden. This can be formed by stacking terracotta planters and using tall planters if you are unable to plant shrubs and small trees of varying heights around the patio. Other than creating the illusion of a big terrace, the plants will promote optimal airflow throughout your patio and make it colourful.

String Lanterns

Strings of outdoor lights will be the ideal choice to illuminate your patio for outdoor entertainment. The lights will brighten the dark corners in your small courtyard and ‘expand’ your space. Moreover, the string lanterns will draw attention to your vertical rather than horizontal area. There are different hanging lanterns, including mason jars with sand and tea lights, paper lanterns, and decorative metal lanterns.

Small-scale Furniture

Large outdoor furniture will only make your patio look too cramped. Opt for small scale furniture pieces to increase the space for foot traffic and make the area look large. Folding furniture can also suffice for your space.

In the end, the options above mean that anyone can now get a patio that feels large and airy despite its size. Thankfully, there are various material options used for building terraces, and virtually any budget can be useful for a patio. You might assume that a low-cost patio will look drab and cheap. With a professional designer and builder, you will still have an expensive-looking patio. If you feel uncertain, consult a professional in your area.