Is Your Home Safe When You’re Away?

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Are criminals more likely to strike a home over the holidays? Many security experts believe so. When holiday travel calls, it is easy to forget about the security of your place of abode. If this is not the case, then you are likely to be full of worries throughout the holiday. Whether you are leaving for a two-week educational trip or four-day conference, you will want to be sure no vandals or disasters strike while you are away. You probably will not need a date with the insurance company if you focus on landscape lighting for your Minneapolis home.

Trespassers and Well Lit Homes

When you are walking alone at midnight, do you prefer dark or brightly lit streets? Well-lit routes are safest to use. It is a universal fact that light elicits a feeling of safety. It is also true that vandals tend to prefer dimly lit or dark areas. Well-lit homes are a risk to them.

The assumption is simple; if the lights are on, then there must be someone at home. A trespasser would rather avoid going into a property where they risk being seen. Win this mental game by having a professional install the best landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Makes Sense

Security lighting comes in many forms. Why then is landscape lighting one of the best solutions? One of the reasons is that you are able to illuminate the whole property. A good lighting installation can capture everything from pathways to trees. Intruders will not have anywhere to hide, even behind architectural features. This lighting makes even more sense because it does not cause unnecessary distractions in the neighborhood.

No one wants to have the neighbor’s security lights blaring in their windows throughout the night. In regards to aesthetics, modern landscape lighting can create an attractive impression. Promoting security in your home and enhancing your artistic side is something every homeowner wants.

Control System Necessary

Remote home control

As much as landscape lighting helps ward off trespassers when you are on vacation, it can be a two-edged sword. Security lighting can send a message. For instance, you will suspect that your neighbor is out of town if the lights remain on for five days running.

Leaving landscape lighting during the night does the job, but it sends a different message during the day. Criminals are alert during the day too. If you can tell when a neighbor is away, what about a trespasser who is looking for an opportunity? The best landscape lighting has a control system. It automatically turns the lights off at dawn and switches them on in the evening.

Before a burglar attacks a home, he takes some time to analyze the risks involved. Knowing that many homeowners go on vacation at certain times of the year, these criminals will look for clues. Let landscape lighting offer some level of security because they create a sense of presence. Of course, you will need to combine lighting with other deterrents such as being discrete on social media, locking the doors securely, and asking a friend to stop by sometimes.

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