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Keeping Rodents and Roaches Away from the Office

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People go in and out of the office every time. But sometimes, something else goes in and out as well.

As much as we would like to live in a clean and hygienic environment, that is not always the case. You see, right now there could be dozens of roaches and rodents roaming around. They enter through the tiny cracks and crevices of your office. They feast on the leftover food and improperly disposed waste. And then, they reproduce in a matter of days.

You may not see them, but they are there. They bring in the possibility of disease and the ease of transmission. So, how can you make sure that your office stays rodent and roach-free?

Dispose of Waste Properly

It all starts with everyone’s initiative. An office does not clean itself, after all. And even with the help of sanitation services, they can only do so much to curb the infestation. What everyone in the office needs to do is to practise proper waste disposal.

Instead of throwing your trash at random bins, why not choose where you throw them? For one, label recycling bins in your office to collect trash for future reuse. Biodegradable trash bins should only have items that break down and decompose. Non-biodegradable trash bins should have things like plastic and glass. Hazardous materials should also have their own bins to avoid contamination.

Avoid Eating on the Work Floor

There is a time and a place for everything. If you want to eat, then do so at the pantry or the cafeteria. The more people eat on the work floor, the higher the chances of your office attracting pests.

If all employees limit themselves to eating at the designated areas, cleanup would be much easier to do. So, if you and your workmates need to eat, it is best to leave the office. At times that you do need to eat at your desk, you should at least clean up after yourself. Make sure not to disrupt other people from working, too.

Clean and Organise the OfficeThe monitor on a desk at modern office

Prevention only works if the office is already pest-free. So, to start the process of preventing pests from getting in, you must get those inside the office outside.

A general clean-up of the office can help flush out pests from their nests. Normally, they hide in the darkest and tightest of spaces like under cabinets, behind folders, and inside drawers. After all the pests are out of their nests and captured, now you can start your preventive measures.

Repair Broken Walls, Ceilings, Doors, and Windows

The best way to prevent pests from getting in is to seal off their original entrances in the first place. Look around for any cracks in the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. Those cracks may be the gateways where they manage to slip in and out of the office.

Pest prevention is not only a matter of spraying pesticides inside an office. It is an ongoing process that relies on the cooperation of all employees. It starts with proper waste management, self-clean up, and repairing whatever is needed.

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