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Keeping That Skin Tight and Taut

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Everyone wants to age gracefully, but only a few would want it to show on their face. This is the reason why liposuction and facial surgery are some of the most popular surgeries in the U.S. Currently, more 300,000 procedures are carried out each year just to lift sagging skin and make them tight and young again.

Skin Tightening Challenge

One of the challenges that come with getting tighter and tauter skin is finding a procedure that can be done without having to go under the knife. For years now, skin tightening procedures would require the removal of excess skin and the nipping and tucking of certain areas so that they do not show as sagging. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to get the face that you want without having to bleed.

RF Treatment for Neck and Jowls

One of the areas of your face that can show aging more visibly than the rest is the skin on your neck. One reason for this is the fact that it is constantly exposed to the sun and other harsh weather conditions. Because the skin in this area is thin, an invasive procedure might not be the right answer. What you can do here is to try RF assisted lipolysis. With this, the skin is tightened both from the inside and the outside. A wand is placed on top of the skin while another one is placed underneath the skin, allowing it to liquify the fat underneath. The wand on top, on the other hand, is responsible for activating the production of collagen.

Ultrasound Technology

Collagen is the key to making your skin taut and tight. That said, you can let your sagging skin go back to how it was before if you jumpstart the production of this protein. Aside from RF, one way to do this is with the help of ultrasound. In this procedure, ultrasound is delivered to the skin allowing the activation of collagen. It is able to skip the initial layer of the skin, thus preventing it from being burned even though there is an application of heat.

Thread Lift

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Thread lift may be considered to be both non-invasive and invasive in that it still makes use of sutures in order to lift the skin. What happens is that, once the sutures are in place, your doctor will pull the thread up and leave it there to “lift” the skin while encouraging the skin to produce a healing response. This healing response comes with the production of collagen. Most Orange County dermatologists should be able to do a thread lift procedure as they offer low risk with little chance of scarring or bleeding.

The Downside of Non-invasive Procedure

While non-invasive procedures require a shorter recovery period and cost a bit less than its counterpart, it is also something that cannot produce a lasting change. At the very best, and depending on the procedure that you have undergone, your skin lift might last no more than three years. That is if you follow the skincare regimen given by your doctor post-operative procedure.

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