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Like Glitter and Gold: Inside the Most Luxurious Nation on Earth

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When people are asked about Monaco, the first images that come to mind are glitzy shots of millionaires living the high life.

Indeed, this picture is not too far from reality. An estimated one in three people living in Monaco are millionaires, and the tiny nation has strived to brand itself as the ideal destination for anyone who wants to live a life of luxury. Lax tax laws, close proximity to Italy and France, and a mild climate have contributed to making Monaco a popular tourist destination for the world’s wealthiest.

Aside from the glamorous hotels, restaurants, and bars, Monaco offers much to do in terms of entertainment for the richest. Here are some of the events and activities one could check out when in Monaco.

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco has a long history of sailing and seafaring. Combine this with its wealthy population and visitors, and you get the Monaco Yacht Show, one of the most glamorous trade shows in the world.

The Monaco Yacht Show is held annually in Port Hercule or Port Hercules in English. Port Hercule is Monaco’s only deep-water port, making it a perfect setting for the more than one hundred luxury boats that participate in the show annually. The port is also flocked by luxurious properties that go for sale in the millions of euros. With a picture-perfect view of the Monaco landscape and the Mediterranean Sea, it is a worthwhile investment for those who choose it.

Monaco Grand Prix

blue race car drifting

Regarded globally as a prestigious automobile race, the Monaco Grand Prix is held annually on a circuit that traverses through the streets of Monaco. This makes for quite an exciting race, but also a difficult one — even for the best drivers — to win, as sharp turns and narrow streets make it difficult for one racer to pass another. Hence, very few have won the Monaco Grand Prix multiple times in their career.

The Monaco ambiance also makes for spectacular and entertaining viewing. It is one of the few professional races held in the middle of a city and a beautiful and picturesque one at that. Its high-profile list of attendees, ranging from celebrities to billionaire businessmen, also make its afterparties a big draw. Put all of these together, and you have a fantastic event in front of you.

Monte Carlo

Although it is originally the name for one of the four traditional quarters of Monaco, Monte Carlo has since become synonymous with luxury and decadence. This is primarily due to its namesake, the Monte Carlo Casino, the first gambling property on Monaco, which has since featured in multiple films depicting the area as a luxurious getaway where the rich and powerful party and gamble regularly. After the success of the original Monte Carlo Casino, an entire gambling center, known as the Place du Casino, has risen around it.

Beyond this, however, there are plenty of other things to do in Monte Carlo. The area is home to some of the finest and most luxurious hotels in the world. One can also find some of the most decorated fine dining restaurants in the world here. For entertainment and leisure, Monte Carlo is home to the Opera de Monte Carlo, as well as multiple tourist destinations like the Monaco Cathedral and Napoleon Museum. Thus, no matter their tastes, the world’s richest will always find something to suit their fancy in this slice of paradise on Earth.

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