The suburbs get a bad reputation—economic opportunities are scarce, private transportation is required, and people are less socially connected. People have to commute for miles just to go to work in the city because there is a lack of work opportunities in the suburbs. But that has changed in recent years as millennials grow older and start to have their own families.

In fact, many from that generation have started investing in properties such as those pieces of land for sale in Donnybrook. They started looking into the advantages of living in quieter neighbourhoods such as the suburbs instead of raising their kids in the jungle of city life.

If, like many millennials, you are just on your way to transition to suburban life, here are some of the things that you need to remember to survive:

Get Your Own Car

There’s hardly any public transportation in the suburbs. The metro rail line stops where the suburbs begin. There’s no bus line either, and Uber is not that popular in the burbs. You need your own car to go to your work, the grocery store or hardware, and your doctor or dentist. Basically, unless you want to hitchhike on a school bus, you’ve got to have your own mode of transportation to get around town.

Mind Your Garbage

In apartment complexes in the big cities, worrying about garbage collection is simply unnecessary. You throw your trash in the receptacle, and you let the building management worry about its disposal. But things are different in the suburbs. You are actually required in many communities to segregate your trash accordingly—biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and hazardous waste. You will even be encouraged to make a compost out of your household waste. You need to take out your trash every morning (or depending on the schedule in your neighbourhood) and wait for the garbage truck to come and get it. Never leave your garbage bins on the side of the road.

Learn to Get Along With Your Neighbors

Do you know your neighbours’ names as you live in the city? Hardly, right? Everyone’s too busy to care. But people seem to have more time in the suburbs that they want to get to know who their neighbours are. From the moment you step foot inside your new suburban house, your neighbours will come knocking on your door to welcome you with pie. That does not happen only in the movies. This is real life. They want to get to know you, and the only way to survive living in the suburbs is to get along with your neighbours, too.

Join Community Events

mother and daughters cleaning in the neighborhood

Whether it’s a neighbourhood cleanup, a little league team, or the community theatre, you may want to participate in community events. It’s part of what makes living in the suburbs great. Your kids will have a family aside from what they know at home. They will have friends they’ll grow up with. They’ll participate in social activities that will actually build them to be better and productive members of society in the future.

Indeed, there are many misconceptions about life in the suburbs but when you think about the benefits of suburban life, you’ll reconsider any misgivings that you may have. This is a safe and secure place to raise a family. It is also good for your well-being since you’ll be away from the stress associated with city life.