make your garage feel brand new

Make Your Old Garage Feel Brand New

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Many homeowners focus on the main part of their houses but ignore some of the other important areas, like the garage. Though it is where you store your car, you might not give it the attention it deserves. Most people actually just focus on its exterior so it doesn’t look that bad. But you can do much better for it.

Here are four changes you can try to enhance your garage and make it more functional.

Change the Door

One of the first things you should do is to change out the door. For one, consider upgrading its material. If you started out with a heavy wooden door that requires you to get out of your car to open it, for example, then it makes sense to upgrade it to a lightweight door that opens automatically.

The labour and time saving of going automatic is worth it, especially if you use it every day. Contact a professional garage door installer to make the installation process smooth and for a high-quality result. The contractor might even present you with a complete package of door and garage opener.

Put in Some Adequate Lighting

Another worthy upgrade to your garage is to improve the lighting in it. People rarely spend much time in their garage but it would be best to have some good lighting for those occasions. At least it makes the getting from your car to the house much easier.

It also allows you to work on your car at night. Shifting to LED lights is an ideal option if you want a well-performing lighting. They are very energy efficient and provide a good amount of illumination. They are also at a good price point for purchase and installation.

Think About Storage

The garage is a prime place to store some valuables. So getting some additional storage options would be ideal for it. Consider vertical storage options. Install cabinets and shelves on your garage walls so you can have clear floors.

With more storage, you can place tools and various items that clutter up your main house. The added organisation this provides makes your house look tidier in the long run.

Smooth Out the Floor

smooth out the floor

Many people ignore it when it comes to the garage, but the flooring is pretty essential. Leaving it as bare concrete can cause problems. For one, it is much harder to clean because concrete is porous and liquids can seep in and stain it. This is why many people recommend applying an epoxy coating on top of it. This gives it a smooth layer of protection and allows for easy clean-up when necessary.

Your garage is still a part of your house and if you want to make it better, you can do several things. They don’t even have to be very complex. The simple changes above can make your garage a better place to be in and not seem like your home’s dumping ground. It will finally look like it matches the rest of your home.

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