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opening a window

Modern Window Treatment Options: Controlling Window Blinds

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opening a window

You have different options nowadays for your window’s covering, but blinds are the most popular. These are shades comprising vanes or slats that run vertically or horizontally. They can be used for both tall and wide windows which would otherwise be hard to cover with other window treatments.

Window blinds come in various styles with the roller, vertical, roman and pleated ones being the standard ones. You will consider several elements when evaluating the available options of Hunter Douglas blinds in New Jersey (NJ). One of the essential considerations is the control of your blinds’ slats.

Though there are many control options for window blinds, few property owners understand their alternatives. Here are guidelines on some of the best control options for window blinds.

App Control

There seems to be an app for just about anything nowadays. One of the best you should get is one for your blinds’ control. With this app, you can control the opening and closing of your blinds from virtually anywhere within and without your property.

This method of control allows you to let the sunshine into your interiors even if you are not around and close the blinds at different times of the day when the rays are too strong. It has also been touted as a safe control option since it can create the illusion of an occupied property even if there is no one inside.

Wall-Mounted Control

This is the standard window blind control type. It generally comprises a pull cord which is tugged to lift, lower or open your blinds. Left and right-sided wall-mounted controls are the two primary alternatives of this control method.

In the past, wall-mounted controls were considered unsafe for homes with children and child-care centers since there was a risk of a child getting entangled in the cord. Modern wall-mounted controls, however, have a safety mechanism which detaches if there is considerable pressure on it.

Remote Control

This option comes with a hand-held battery-powered remote for opening and closing your blinds. The options for remote controls are currently vast ranging from single to multichannel ones.

Some even come with a choice of a bracket or mounting pin to fix them to a wall and minimize their chances of getting misplaced. Remote controls might unfortunately not be very convenient since you need to be near the window blinds to open or close them.

a window with blinds

Automatic Sensor Control

With this alternative, you have a handset which allows you to operate your blinds. The handsets have a timer which you can set to open or close the blinds at different times automatically.

Like app-controlled window blinds, blinds with an automatic sensor control make your property appear occupied and thus enhance its safety. Some automatic sensor controls will operate window blinds according to the amount of light and temperature in your environment.

The right control for your window blinds enhances not only your indoor comfort but also your property’s energy efficiency. This is hence not a decision you should take lightly. To guarantee you pick the right control, get an expert’s input from the blinds’ seller.

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