Hidden orthodontics in St John’s Woods.


St John’s Woods is a beautiful, idyllic sanctuary of a village, nestled in the heart of London.

In the midst of the metropolis, in a city revered for its hustle and bustle identity – St John’s Woods is an oasis of an area that offers its residents peace of mind and a true sense of community, whilst still remaining just walking distance from the cities West End. Residents of St John’s Woods can expect to find all of the amenities and quaintness of a sleepy English medieval town, with Victorian era townhouses, canals and 19th century Italian inspired villas. As well as beautiful architecture and boutique amenities – the area also has some of London’s best medical and dental practitioners.

Treatment through the ages

A highly esteemed dental practitioner operating out of St John’s Wood is Aura Dental, who offer patient-tailored care across a range of specific procedures. One such procedure offered here is the installation of dental implants. Although dental implants are by no stretch a contemporary procedure, in recent years with the advancements in technology, it is a field of dentistry that has come on leaps and bounds. Some of the earliest recorded dental implants date back to as early as 600ad Mayan civilisations, where materials such as bone and rare minerals were used to fill holes in teeth. Modern dental implants as they are recognised today first came about in the 1960s when titanium plates were put into a patient’s mouth to replace a lost tooth. This was, by modern standards a crude affair, and permanently left the patient visibly altered.

Aligned with the times

Today however the procedures offered are much less rudimentary and allow patients both comfort as well as discreteness – which can boost their self-esteem, whilst aligning their teeth.

Invisalign braces are clear aligners made of a patented flexible plastic called SmartTrack®.

The fundamentals of Invisalign are that they are removable plastic tooth aligners that are practically invisible when worn. Over the course of the procedure, which usually lasts around 12 months for adults, the plastic SmartTrack removable mould is worn throughout the day, and gradually aligns teeth to the specific orthodontic requirements of the patient. Each procedure is catered around the needs of the individual, which is worked out through consultations with the patients’ dentist, such as those at Aura Dental.

Invisible success

Woman about to wear her invisible bracesIt is the most advanced procedure of its kind offered worldwide, and boats to of; ‘successfully improved over 6 million smiles, including 1.4 million teen smiles.’

Which is particularly relevant as the procedure has gained increasing popularity with teenagers and youths over recent years, primarily due to its discrete nature as it allows for more impressionable teenagers to undergo constructive treatments, without arousing unwanted attention from peers. One patient who underwent Invisalign treatment said; ‘I had a problem with my smile. My teeth overlapped and I was very unhappy about it. But I couldn’t imagine having braces bonded to my teeth.’

However, when they had a consultation with their dentist, they recommended the patient underwent Invisalign treatment, and they were very pleased with the results; ‘I’m 100% satisfied and would recommend Invisalign to anyone. I’m more confident, more outgoing and smiling so much more. A smile really can change your life.’

Filling the gaps

Another type of dental procedure offered today is inserting dental implants.

The basis of dental implants in contemporary dentistry is to replace the root of a tooth with a high quality prosthetic, and then attach a new crown from the base – which is generally made of acrylic resin, and are more durable than the enamel of human teeth. These implants, referred to as dentures, are generally provided to patients whose teeth have been damaged beyond repair and provide the patient with comfort as well as filling in any gaps, with a virtually undetectable replacement tooth. One patient who underwent a dental implant procedure was quoted saying; ‘My mouth is so much more comfortable now with the implant in place.’