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Moving to the Garden State: Buy or Rent a Home

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You have been thinking of ways to get out of the house of your parents or in-laws. After days or weeks of combing online, calling a real estate agent, or asking people you know, you decide to come to New Jersey (NJ), the Garden State and home to vast agricultural lands and tourist spots. However, a dilemma lies in front of you: will you rent or buy your new home? Take a look into what New Jersey offers you, and come up with one of your most significant life decisions.

Livability and Safety

For most Americans and other people, moving from one state to another is a big decision, which comes with more significant risks. Several people, either first-timers or regularly moving individuals, decide by considering several factors, including the state’s livability, safety, or security.

In the case of NJ, the state’s livability has relatively improved. According to recent reports, the overall unemployment rate across NJ fell to approximately 3.3 percent. Furthermore, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the said unemployment rate is also lesser than the national rate. Experts believe that this development is a reflection of the continuously improving socio-economic conditions in the state.

In the aspect of safety or security, a person in the Garden State has 1 out of 437 chances to become a victim of a violent crime and 1 out of 64 as a victim of property crime. According to recent figures, these possibilities are slightly lower than the national median. Some of the safest areas that you should consider include the cities of Fieldsboro, Long Valley, Barnegat Light, Haworth, and Harrington Park, among others.

Another exciting development in the state is the current investment of the government and private entities in infrastructure. They intend to create sustainable, eco-friendly, and highly accessible homes by supporting or creating mass transit-oriented communities across the state.

Will You Rent or Buy Your New Home?

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After having a quick insight into what awaits you in New Jersey, you should address the dilemma of whether to rent or buy your new home. Although renting is excellent for people who frequently travel from state to state, buying a property is a long-term investment, which can become your alternative source of income in the long run.

Similar to other cash-based transactions, cash buyers of a particular home in New Jersey can be given cash discounts and are highly preferred by sellers. Reputable real estate agents can guide you from the start – from prospecting to price negotiations – until you pay for your new home.

In the end, no matter how good or bad New Jersey is, the only thing that will help you with your decision to move is how you feel. Safety, comfort, and fulfillment are some of the things that will help you determine if you’re going to stay in New Jersey for good or for just a while. If you are still uncertain, you can consult your trusted friends or family members. You can also look for other sources online.

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