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Must-Have Gear for Cold Weather Fishing

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Most anglers are tempted to pack up their fishing gear when temperatures start dipping and wait until the next spring to engage in the sport. Fishing in the winter can, however, be as enjoyable as in the summer, provided you have the right gear. Moreover, cold weather fishing assures you less competition since most people would rather stay indoors. Fish also keep to the water in shallow areas since it is warmer and this makes fishing easy.

Fortunately, hunting stores based in Michigan have the right gear to keep you warm when fishing in even the coldest weather. With the proper insulation and layered clothing, you can keep your body warm and enjoy your fishing. Here are fishing gear essentials for cold weather angling.

Base Layer

This is the first clothing level and is the one in direct contact with your body. The base layer will insulate your natural body heat and wick the moisture from your skin to other fabric layers for evaporation. The ideal base layers of cold weather fishing gear are those made of polyester since this is comfortable and averts scents.

Insulated Socks

These are generally an extension of your base layer. Since your feet in most cases will not move so much, the socks are essential to keep them from getting too cold. The moisture wicking ability of insulated socks serves to keep your feet warm since sweat and wetness will keep them cold. It is advisable to get an additional thin socks liner that will wick moisture while the insulated socks keep you warm.

The Shell Jacket

Fishing in fresh waterThe primary purpose of the shell jacket is keeping the cold wind out. It is generally less thick compared to other layers though it is made from weather-resistant soft material. Most jackets feature a Gore-Tex lining. This is a waterproof membrane designed to allow evaporation of sweat while keeping you dry. The shell jacket is essential if you will be fishing in rainy weather.


This, like the shell jacket, is designed to protect you from the wind and cold. It is generally made of a similar material to that of the jacket. Some anglers opt for fishing pants rather than bibs, but the latter will cover your chest and thus keep you warmer than the former. Opt for a bib with in-built flotation aids since these can be lifesavers. Those with knee pads will also keep you comfortable and warm when kneeling.

Insulated Boots

Adequate foot insulation is essential without generating too much heat and making you sweaty and comfortable. Most fishing boots have a thin insulation layer though you can pick those with thicker insulation based on your fishing grounds. Some brands have a removable insulation layer allowing you to use the same boots for fishing in different weather conditions.

With the above essentials for your outfit, you can now head out for cold weather fishing guaranteed of a healthy catch and an enjoyable trip. The fishing technique you employ should, however, feature slow penetration so that fish have time to respond to the bait. This is because they are a bit slow in cold weather.

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