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Need or Not: Learn Whether You Should Buy These 5 Household Items

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If you love home improvement or interior design, then perhaps you’ve already thought about upgrading some of your appliances and fixtures. Before you do that, ask these first:

  • Are they worth the money?
  • What value do they give you?

To help you answer these questions, here’s a list of five household items and learn whether you should invest or skip them:

1. Utility Sink

Also known as laundry sinks, these are household fixtures that are distinct in their design: they are deeper than most kitchen sinks at between 10 and 25 inches.

Some homes these days already skip utility sinks since they can already use dishwashers, while others find the appearance too vintage.

However, you might still need it if:

  • You are not satisfied with your washing machine (its handwashing function can be mediocre)
  • You love to garden (scrubbing tools here is easier)
  • You have a lot of items to clean in a day
  • You have a pet that needs regular grooming and bathing

2. Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that helps regulate heaters and air-conditioning units, and that begs the question: why do you need it when these appliances when you can adjust the settings yourselves? Modern ACs and heaters even feature remote controls and touchscreens.

Consider a thermostat, though, if you’re looking for efficiency and energy savings. This device can modify the temperature of ACs and heaters automatically depending on the ambient temperature. Also, resetting them at certain times can help lower utility bills.

3. Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are those that light up when you walk into the kitchen or hallway. They can also change colors according to the mood you want for the house. You can also sync them with other smart devices and hands-free speakers like Alexa.

Although they sound cool, they can be pricier than conventional lighting systems, including standard LEDs. Unless you have the intention of adopting a smart home, skip this first.

4. 4K TV Screen

Televisions have come a long way since they started showing shows and movies in black-and-white. Today, some screens are already 4K, which means they can display a resolution of 4,000 pixels. Objects appear even brighter and sharper on the screen.

Although new technology, 4K screens are also getting cheaper fast. Even if they’re still not as economical as a full HD, the price incentive makes them more attractive. Lastly, some units are smart TVs or Internet-ready.

However, are they worth buying? The best decision is to wait until prices drop further, and, most of all, you can view more 4K content.

5. Air Fryer

Kitchen interior layout

Check social media, and you’ll probably come across dozens of posts and recipes using air fryers. Some people tout them as a healthy kitchen appliance since you can “deep-fry” food without using any oil. Since they’re small, they also don’t take up a lot of space on the countertop.

However, unless you eat deep-fried food regularly, skip the air fryer. If you want healthier alternatives to it, your oven and steamer can already do the work.

In the end, it all boils down to what your home needs. Nevertheless, the points on this list should help you decide whether you wait, get a better option, or go for it.

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