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Flood down the stairs of the house

Possible Causes of Water Damage and How to Repair Them

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Flood down the stairs of the houseAs a homeowner, always look out for possible signs of water damage in your house. Any signs should be treated with utmost urgency. Do not wait until you wake up to a flooding living room to take action.

Leaking roof

Leaking roofs are a major cause of water damage in many homes. The leakage may be caused by aging roofs that begin to develop holes that allow the seepage of water. In that case, expert roofers at On Top Roofing suggest that you contact a company that offers roof repair services in Worcester to come and conduct the repairs. The leaking sheets may be sealed or replaced altogether depending on the severity of the damage. Damp ceilings act as an indicator of a leaking roof. When not corrected, the water may begin penetrating through the sealing into your house resulting in more water damage.

Faulty gutters

Faulty gutters are common culprits in a majority of water damage cases. That is because they allow rainwater to flow directly onto the walls of your house. The result is a weakened structure and a repulsive odor. Soon, you may begin to notice growing mold or peeling paint as with the case of wooden and stone walls respectively. Any leaking gutters ought to be sealed to prevent the occurrence of water damage.

Crawl space

A crawl space is an open area under a house that is usually occupied by pipe systems. During heavy rains, rainwater tends to seep through the ground and into the crawl space. With constant rain, the level of water in the crawl space rises until it comes into contact with the wooden floor of a house. It is then that water damage begins. A crawl space should fit with a drainage channel to prevent the collection of water.

Sometimes, it is not possible to know that your roof is leaking until you notice a damp ceiling. However, upon noticing it, act swiftly and call your roofing experts to come and repair it.

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