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Primary Concepts of Visual Advertising

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The three primary forms of advertising include audio, visual and text-based advertising. While audio advertising might have reached vast audiences in the past, visual advertising has primarily taken over. When you paint a picture of what clients can expect using professional photographs and videos, you are sure to create a memorable brand impression. Visual marketing encompasses infographics, logos, videos, signs, photos and graphics.

Some marketers assume that TV advertising for Melbourne-based businesses and those beyond is a waste of resources with the increase of online marketing. But they are missing out on one of the channels that have the highest ROI. Television is not dead nor has it been edged out by the internet.

There are now several programs that keep viewers glued to their screens. TV manufacturers also have various technologies that have taken viewing to a new level. You first need to identify the best publications and shows to ensure your visual adverts have the highest impact on your customers. Here are the key concepts you should also base you adverts on to guarantee returns.


The right color will have the right psychological effect on the market you are aiming for. It has also been proven to either hasten or slow down a client’s decision making based on the feelings it evokes. Red, for instance, will emanate excitement while yellow exudes optimism and happiness. There is nothing wrong with using your brand colors for all you visual adverts so long as they evoke the right emotion.


This is essential to keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds by creating familiarity. When, however, it is overdone, it will lead to customer fatigue and people will automatically switch off when they see it.  You should thus have an expert to guide you on the right way to repeat your adverts on various media platforms to ensure they are not counter-productive. You can, for instance, have three ads and rotate them periodically across different platforms.

Direct Gaze Induction

The main character you feature in your adverts should have confidence in your brand to attract others to it. An audience will readily pick even the slightest bit of fear, hesitation and doubt and make them doubt your products. The direct gaze technique where your subject looks directly into a camera and consequently at your market exudes confidence in your brand and makes the subject seem sure of what he/she is saying.


Online Marketing Homepage Website Digital Concept

This is an age-old advertising concept. People will naturally associate your product with the images in your advert. If for instance, your advert depicts people having a good time, then your market automatically knows that your products will make them happy. This explains the use of celebrities and seemingly sophisticated models by luxury brands.

Every business wants to cut back on unnecessary expenses to boost their revenue. Most will thus want their in-house team to handle the above concepts and come up with an advertisement that will have masses talking. It is, unfortunately, not as easy and needs someone with exceptional skills in handling the media. Outsourcing your visual adverts might thus be the best choice if you want to maximize your returns.

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