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Printing Techniques to Make Your Brochures Stand Out

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Thermographic PrintingEvery company has a marketing brochure. It serves as a source of information, a marketing material, or a catalogue of products and services for your clients. Brochures are also easy to distribute, cost-efficient and versatile. It’s no wonder that even in this age of digital communication, many businesses still use brochures and flyers to spread information on a local level.

Since many companies are investing in brochures, it is essential to have the ones from your company stand out from the rest. Thankfully, there are various techniques that commercial brochure printing services offer their clients. Here are some of them.

Thermographic Printing

This technique uses heat for the creation of a raised profile on your brochure paper. Powdered resin is first applied onto damp ink which is then exposed to controlled heat. This causes the powdered resin to fuse with the paper. The result is a beautifully raised and textured profile with a matte or gloss finish. The technique can be used to highlight your company logo, brand and contact information.

Customised Folds

A brochure’s fold is typically the first thing your clients will notice about it. Your printer can use a customised rather than standard fold to make your brochures stand out. The fold can be made to resemble your company’s products or as an everyday item like a fan or key ring to guarantee it attracts attention.

Special Ink

Your text need not be the same drab black and white like everyone else’s. You can make your prints stand out with special inks. Metallic and glitter inks, for instance, will add glimmer to your brochure. You can also choose from thermochromatic, pearlescent, and heat-resistant inks.

Your company need not be lost in a sea of competition. If you create a brochure with a ‘wow’ factor, you’ll always reach your target market. These options will ensure that your brochures will not end up in a dustbin.

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