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Professional Cleaners: How Should We Treat Them?

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Ask anyone who works for a commercial cleaning services franchise, and they’ll give you all sorts of stories. Some of them are not pleasant to hear: the rude clients that they sometimes deal with, the impossible demands, the things that they are forced to get used to. Add to this the fact that they are underpaid and often looked down upon. Theirs is a sometimes thankless job, but it is because of them that we can breathe, enjoy space, and go about our daily tasks.

Commercial cleaners should be treated with fairness and respect.

Recognize their humanity

First of all, make things easier for them. Yes, they are paid to do the job of picking up after you. However, they don’t earn a lot from that, which has to change. They work very long hours and receive very little compared to the amount of labor they exert daily. You can alleviate some of their hardships. Try to be as organized as you can. Throw your litter in the proper bins. Flush the toilet and clean the seat after using it. Don’t be messy with your things. Dust your desk every once in a while. Your professional cleaners will be thankful and more willing to go beyond the call of duty.

Be courteous and considerate

It’s as simple as greeting them every morning, saying goodbye before leaving work, and thanking them for looking after you. Politeness is one of the first lessons people are taught as kids, and yet they’re forgotten as soon as circumstances change. These professionals aid you in their jobs. Without them, the company may not maintain a sense of organization and cleanliness. It is partly because of them that the office runs smoothly. It would be best to try and strike up a conversation with them. Listen to their problems or ask about their kids in school. You can share some snacks and prepare coffee for them. Know their birthdays and greet them accordingly. Little actions can come a long way.

Remember their rights

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Of course, everybody deserves a livable wage. Professional cleaners deserve this as well, due to the dangers they face daily during work, the toxins they inhale and clean, the tiresome hours, and increasing demands. If they talk about not being paid enough, it will help to address the situation to human resources. Explain to them why the case is wrong. Encourage your co-workers to stick up for the professional cleaners if they’re not being treated well. Gather information that can help them in their situation. Let them have a chance to express themselves in certain moments. Ensure that they are part of the company as you and the other employees are. They will appreciate these gestures.

Our professional cleaners need our help, but we need them as well. We must retain our sense of humanity even (and especially) when we’ve entered the corporate world. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to be done to you. Kindness, among others, is what will keep the company running smoothly.

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