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Real Estate Photography: Maximizing Your Shots for Marketing

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If there’s anything that’s a deal maker or breaker in marketing real estate, it’s the quality of the photos included in the advertisements. There are even individuals who will quickly turn down a property that doesn’t have an attractive camera shot. If you’re someone who wants to earn a living from taking pictures, then this may be one of the choices for you. There’s always a demand for good quality images, and you may be able to provide it. Just keep these points in mind as you go and look for opportunities.

Take Tours Before the Shoot

When you’ve found a place that needs your artistic talent, you need to get to know it first. Talk with property managers about touring their properties for your shoot. Have them show you the best places, and make a note of which spots and angles you can use for your shots later on, as well as what you need to move aside or rearrange. You need to take at least one overall shot, one of each unique feature, and a few of the exterior. There are also the

Do Some Rearrangement

living room interior

Now that you’re done touring, it’s time to get into the shoot. But before anything else, you would need to hide away unsightly and distracting elements, such as, say, cleaning materials and leaf litter. While you want to be honest about the look of the property, these objects will only serve to veer the eyes away from what’s important. Don’t be afraid to make some rearrangements, as what you’re aiming for is a clear view of the property at its best.

Maximize Light

Light is vital for any photography, and real estate is no exception. If it’s the daytime, you can choose to open the windows to let in light and use the flash and other light sources to soften everything and avoid having one bright spot and strong shadows. If you want to get a pretty shot of the exterior, especially a high-value one, you can shoot at dusk while using the lights outside. Of course, shooting during the day is also an excellent choice for the exterior if you want to capture some unique features such as gardens.

Invest in Equipment

Part of a great shot lies in skill, and part of it is in the tools. You can’t bring out the best of your abilities when you have subpar equipment. One common suggestion for beginners is to get a wide-angle lens, so you can minimize the distortion that usually comes up with fish-eye lenses. A tripod that you can raise camera with up to a person’s eye level is also an investment that’s worth it. You would need to show pictures of how potential buyers can look at the properties, after all.

If you’re into both interior design and photography, then getting into real estate can be perfect for you. There’s always a place out there that needs some marketing love, and you can be the one who gives part of it. It can also get you good money, depending on the value of the property you’re taking a picture of.

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