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Reasons to Live in St. George

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zion national park in utahFact: there’s more to Utah than Salt Lake City. For example, if you’re craving for the outdoors, then there’s only one place to go. That’s St. George! Make no mistake about it, though: this city offers a lot than adventure. Here are the best reasons to consider St. George a home:

1. So Many Outdoor Options

When you speak of outdoors, the Zion National Park is it. You can follow the trails, pitch a tent, walk for days, trek the mountains, and immerse yourselves in the wonders of the canyons.

And if this is what you want, then you go to Utah, but here’s a trick: live in St. George. The metro is only 2 hours away from Bryce Canyon. The capitol reef is less than four hours away.

Do you find the national park scary? If you’re a beginner, you can go to Pioneer Park. It’s only 52 acres, but it will give you a taste of fun challenges such as walking trails and beautiful canyons. Be amazed as well with its red-rock landscapes.

There’s also the Red Hills Desert Garden, which is home to no less than 5,000 plant species that add contrasting and vibrant colors to the surrounding landscape. Even better, you can find some dinosaur tracks!

2. More Affordable Homes

Utah is a real estate market hotspot, which means home prices are increasing annually. St. George is no exception. According to Zillow, the average property value here is already over $308,000. The one-year forecast is 8.6% while the one-year change can be as high as 13.9%.

But here’s the good news: it’s still way lot cheaper than the state’s capital. In Salt Lake City, homes can already cost more than $400,000. Its increase is also showing no signs of slowing down. In a year, it can go up by almost 16%!

Now is the best time to look for new home developments in St. George, Utah. Prices are affordable, and you can find properties that give you easy access to the outdoors.

3. Lower Cost of Living

suburban neighborhoodNow you know it’s much cheaper to buy a house in St. George, but does it mean it’s affordable to live there as well? The answer is a big yes. According to Best Places, it is almost 16% cheaper than Salt Lake City. Even if the home prices have been increasing in the city, they’re still 29% more affordable than the properties in the capital. In fact, you need to earn over $12,000 more if you live in Salt Lake City, based on the current average income in St. George.

4. Fun Times for the Children

Utah is a state for the millennials, but it’s also one for the entire family. It has flourishing arts and entertainment scene and plenty of activities and attractions for the kids. These include the Brigham Young Winter House, St. George Children’s Museum, and Town Square Park.

In other words, your money can go a long way when you’re in St. George, and you’re not missing what the state is known for: excellent health care, access to good schools, and outdoor recreation.

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