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Rising Above Being a Mediocre Citizen

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It is easy to get caught up with one’s affairs and forget the world around you. But in reality, each person is a part of a bigger picture outside themselves. Children and adults alike are all citizens of a country. The greater responsibility lies in adults, though. How does one demonstrate being a good citizen of a country?

Show a Strong Sense of Patriotism

Patriotism is the love and allegiance to one’s country. A productive citizen is vigilant in fulfilling their duties. There are no records for unfiled taxes in the IRS under their name. They know that these taxes help in funding causes for the welfare of all.

Also, one can show patriotism in simple things. Some examples are obeying the laws and showing respect to the government. A good citizen shows high regard to symbols of the country such as the flag and the national anthem. They also feel pride when a countryman represents their motherland in an event.

Display Empathy

volunteersA good citizen has the utmost care for their countrymen. When calamities strike, a concerned citizen is ready to lend a hand. It may be in the form of donations or volunteering. They feel for others and wish to be a channel of blessing. They know that a good thing done to one of their countrymen is a service to the country.

They do not limit their empathy during calamities alone. When they witness an injustice such as a petty crime or even simple bullying, they stand up for the victim. They do not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to a person in need.

Keep Abreast with Events

Being well-informed about current events are true marks of an exemplary citizen. They get involved in what is happening in their corner of the world. With the prolific use of the Internet nowadays, people can easily get hold of some fake news. A good citizen is a lover of truth. They do not take anything at face value alone. They probe and aim for what is true because they also want to do something about it. They cannot act on something false.

Develop an Audible Voice

One of the rights and duties of a citizen is suffrage. A good citizen is not neglectful of this. It is one of their ways to be heard. They make wise and educated choices, and hey do not go with the popular options alone.

In the case of national issues, they politely give their opinions. This is not to show that they are intelligent. This is their way to let other people have the chance to get unbiased information. They are also not afraid to disagree with powerful or influential people, especially if they know that what they have to say will benefit the majority.

Strive to be an Example

Being a good citizen is not only about going on a national scale. Being a good citizen is knowing that they have the power to influence people, especially young minds. A mindful citizen is consistent with their actions. If they are the head of their family, they try their best to lead their family well. They believe that this small unit is a reflection of what they want to see on a bigger scale. Starting at small levels create ripples that affect bigger corners.

Being a citizen of a country has benefits. Safety and identity are among them. But along with its benefits, one must fulfill the responsibilities attached to it as well.

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