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Rocking Your Engagement Photoshoot

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Your boyfriend popped the question, and you said yes. You are now engaged. You may get all excited about the wedding preparations. But, do not forget about your engagement photo shoot. It is a significant page to the last chapter before you say I do. What are the things you need to consider for this?

The Professional: Helps to Make This Event Beautiful

This step is an excellent way to “test drive” some suppliers for your wedding.

For example, you may want to check out Makeup Palace. They are a team of hair and makeup artists based in the Gold Coast that always produces quality services. For your engagement shoot, you would need stylists that understand your personality. Are you sporting a casual, light makeup look with hair loose? Or do you go with heavy makeup with an elegant updo? Your stylists must be flexible enough to do different looks based on the location and mood of the shoot.

You must get a skillful photographer who you feel comfortable with. They must know how to make shots that are unique and special. Do away with the generic shots or poses. A good photographer knows how to listen to what the clients want. If those shots are not possible, they must present alternatives that can please the couple. Being an excellent photographer is more than the technical skills and equipment used.

An engagement photo shoot can help you check for possible suppliers for your big day. If you like their work during the engagement shoot, you can have their services for your wedding. Some suppliers even have packages and discounts to accommodate both events.

The Location: Sets the Tone

Many places serve as options for an engagement shoot. One of the most preferred is the beach. To choose, you must agree as a couple where you are both comfortable with. It can also be a special place for you as a couple. It could be a place where you go to frequently. It could be a place that represents your interests and personalities. You can even do an at-home engagement shoot if both of you are homebodies.

engaged couple holding hands

The Outfits: Accentuates the Mood

After deciding on the location, you must decide on your outfits. Your photographer can help by offering suggestions suitable for the site. They will also choose how many you need for the entire shoot. The important thing here is you must be comfortable with the choices. Your photographer will ask you to do many poses. If your clothes are too snug or loose, you may not deliver well. Also, choose colors that suit your skin tone and body type. Lastly, think of how your outfits will register on the camera. You can choose something that flows or has texture.

The Poses: Tells Your Story

Every couple is different. Your poses should reflect your relationship and individuality. Remember, the engagement photo shoot is a celebration of your love. Thus, it must showcase how you are as a couple. You can look at the internet for inspiration. But, be careful not to copy them. You can go from playful shots, candid, serene, or romantic. When it is time for the shots, you must trust your photographer. But, forget the world and focus on each other. Doing this can present your relationship through the photos.

You want your shots to come out as perfect as they can be. After all, it is not every day that you get the chance to have professional snapshots of you as a couple. But, remind yourself what matters most. Remember that this is for a special occasion, your engagement.

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