Fascia boards are the boards that stick out vertically from the edge of the roof. Fascia boards play an important role in any home, gutters are then hung from them hence most of it is hidden from sight. Even though most of it is hidden behind the gutters, the exposed part can have a significant impact on the look of your house. Over the year’s water, pests and debris can accelerate the rate of decay. If the fascia is left to rot without getting it not only makes your home look older but it becomes a threat to the integrity of the house including the gutters. As you consider roof gutter leaf protection, consider the below options to fix your rotting fascia.

Replace the Rotting Boards

The fascia boards are directly attached to the roof of the house. While you can replace the board by yourself, it would be safer to have a professional help you out. If you made one mistake, you can compromise the integrity of your roof which might be quite expensive to fix in the future. It might be tempting to just cover up the rotting with vinyl. While it might be cheaper and a quick facelift to the exterior of the house, the fascia keeps rotting underneath and can compromise the integrity of your roof. It is advisable to change the wood before you can cover it up.

Install Vinyl Cover

Grey roofing with black gutters and brick-wall house

Your first step should be to change the rotting fascia, then you can choose to cover it with vinyl. Vinyl is a water-proof material and it can protect the wood from water damage. All you have to do is to keep the covering clean so as to maintain it. It does not just protect the wood from water but it also protects it from pest damage. If you opt for a vinyl covering, you can choose one that best suits the exterior of your home. If you can’t find it in color you wish you can always paint over the vinyl.

Future Damage Prevention Measures

The best way to prevent damage is to arrest it before it even happens. You need to ensure there is no build-up of debris, mold or mildew that can be corrosive. To keep the corrosive debris away you can schedule regular pressure washing. Get a professional to clean the vinyl to prevent water from getting underneath the shingles. Cleaning the gutters and using roof gutter protection can ensure they do not get clogged. When the gutters get clogged it can back up water to the fascia and the roof which can cause damage to the boards and roof.

While the fascia boards comprise a small part of the house, it can make or break the general exterior look of your house. It can also lead to expensive repairs if the rot is not taken care of in a timely manner. Take some preventative measures to keep the fascia board in top shape including getting them cleaned regularly and opting for roof gutter leaf protection.