One of the reasons for the low uptake of hostel rooms is their size. Hostel owners will employ all methods to maximise their profits, and limiting their rooms to specific square footage is one of their techniques. Even if your hostel might have the most significant rooms, people might think there is never enough space. Being in a seemingly cramped room does not sound like the best accommodations. Fortunately, it does not have to be.

There are several techniques for making your student accommodation quarters in a Central London-based hostel seem spacious and airy. Specific design concepts are some of the foolproof yet inexpensive methods you can use.

Use Clever Contrasts and Light Colours

Light wall colours will make your room bright and consequently larger. Light will be better reflected off these walls and open your space and make it look airy. The ideal colour choices are off-whites, greens, and blues since these also make your hostel room look inviting. You can try painting the room’s mouldings and trims in a lighter colour compared to the walls to make the walls look farther back than they are and ‘’open’’ the room. You can opt for easily peelable wallpaper if your landlord does not allow painting or you feel this is too huge a task.

Maximise Light

Light can open your space and make it significant. You have little choice on the size of your windows, but you can get creative and maximise your lighting with a few lighting fixtures. You can also maximise the amount of natural light by opting for sheers for your window covering rather than curtains. Flowers, lamps, and plants near the window also brighten your space.

Reduce Clutter

Not all your mementoes might fit in your hostel room so carry what you need. Keeping your room organised and tidy will make it feel open and large. Do not fill the walls with lots of pictures. One or two large paintings are better compared to several small ones. You should also create a focal point then arrange your room towards it so that someone’s eye is drawn to it. This can be your study table or bed. By reducing the clutter, keeping your room organised is easy, and the eye is drawn towards a focal point.

Place Some Mirrors in Strategic Locations

Hostel room interior

Mirrors will generate an illusion of depth when placed in the right place. Moreover, they will reflect natural and artificial light and thus brighten your room and make it look large. Mirrors placed close to the windows, and on glass, tabletops are the most effective for making your hostel room look large. You can also have mirrors on your closet doors.

You do not need to overstretch your small student budget to create and add space for your student accommodations. Small rooms can also be beautiful. With these options, you can benefit from a low-cost hostel room that does not feel cramped. Thankfully, they do not need exceptional interior design skills, costly constructions or a considerable budget to actualise your dreams for your room.