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Staying Fit Over 40: How to Exercise as You Age

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women doing pilatesImagine that you’re in your 40s, and your daily routine is taking up most of your time. Maybe it’s time to get back on the health and fitness wagon. Most fitness trainers say that staying fit is possible no matter how busy you think your schedule is. Here are five ways to manage your health with exercise:

Never Neglect Warm-ups and Cooldowns

Younger people handle sprints and high-intensity workouts with minimal warm-up time. But as you get old, warm-ups and cooldowns become crucial; they help your body cope with all kinds of exercise.

Do Lighter Exercises Repeatedly

This works best for those who are experiencing early signs of arthritis or those who’ve suffered an injury. Lift lighter weights or brisk-walk instead of running. It’s important to keep your exercise routine at a comfortable pace so that your body won’t experience too much strain.

Do Something New

There are many exercise techniques to explore these days depending on what your body can handle. You can go cycling every weekend for some low-intensity cardio. Or you can practice yoga to stretch out those tight, tired joints and muscles. Just consult a professional before you try any new exercise.

Eat Smart

What you eat plays a significant role in the effectivity of the exercise that you do because your metabolism slows down as you get old. Thus, choose other options like healthy fat that comes from avocados and olive oil, natural carbohydrates from sweet potatoes, and protein that comes from eggs and beans.

Make Exercise a Daily Priority

You can incorporate exercise into your daily routine by starting with a 10-minute walk around the block every morning. Then, you can change that up to running, yoga, or any other type of cardio that will get your heart pumping every day.

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to be less mobile. It’s the time of your life when you need to be more conscious of your body’s fitness. These five tips will not only get you into shape but will also help you live long.

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