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Entrance Mats: Making the Perfect Welcome

Fluffy mat on laminate floorThere are different types of doormats available in the market, such as those from mattek.com.au, but you probably would be not confident when you want to buy one. Here are some important things to keep in mind when searching for an entrance mat that that would suit your needs.

Mat size

Take your budget into perspective; choose the biggest mat you can afford and that which will perfectly fit in the available space. If your mat is too small, chances are people will walk through your door without wiping their feet. A large mat will be visible and encourage your visitors to wipe their feet.

Thickness of the mat

A short mat with a thicker pile is much more effective compared to one that is long with a thicker pile. The shorter pile mats offer a brushing action that is much firmer and can remove dirt effectively. Always check your door clearance to ensure that it closes and opens smoothly with the mat still in place.

Foot traffic

Before buying a mat, evaluate how many people would be using your entry way and your immediate surroundings. Is it high, moderate or low? You should choose a mat that is designed to handle the correct foot traffic. Also, take into consideration the type of weather conditions your location would most likely be experienced.

Cleaning and maintenance

Mats are an investment, and they need to be cleaned and cared for when you consider the volume of debris they absorb daily. Proper and regular maintenance of mats is essential, not only to maintain its appearance but also its performance. Always seek professional advice when selecting a mat that is easy to clean and maintain.


The budget for purchasing your mat will depend on the quality, material, and size of your choice. If you want your mat to be cleaned regularly by professionals, you could incur additional costs.

An entrance mat does more than just welcome your visitors into your premises. It keeps your premises clean and prevents bacteria and debris from entering your home. Know the essentials to look for before buying entrance mats so you can make the most out of the benefits.

4 Key Benefits of Using Window Treatments in Your Home

Window TreatmentEvery room in your house will have windows for ventilation. Sometimes, however, bare windows ruin your privacy and make the room too exposed to sunlight and other outside elements. Installing window treatments would not only eliminate these problems, but it will also beautify the room.

Here are some other benefits of using window treatments.

Allows You to Control Lighting

Window treatments allow you to control how much natural light enters the room. When buying curtains, draperies, sheers or window blinds, make sure to choose a product that will let you block out the sun as you please.

Reduces Outside Noise

This is a great benefit if you live on a busy street, people and cars passing by all day long. Draperies and blinds can provide this benefit.

Helps You Save Energy

There are days when too much heat outside will just enter your home. Window treatments are great insulators; they can minimise the amount of heat that enters the room. If you live in a hot climate, external blinds and awnings will do the job.

They can also keep the heat inside your home from escaping during the colder months. Heavy and thick fabric or blinds material offer the best thermal protection.

You’ll use less energy for cooling and heating your home, benefiting both you and the environment.

Provides Aesthetic Appeal

Window treatments come in different shapes, colours, patterns and sizes. That’s why they can also serve as a design element to provide your home with an additional aesthetic appeal.

If you need a quick fix to change your home’s look or improve the design, adding blinds and other window treatments are a good option. Whether modern or traditional, there is a perfect type for every room.

These are just some of the many benefits of installing window treatments at home. When you shop, make sure to think about appeal and functionality to maximise all the benefits.

Property Additions and Improvements for Your Pleasure

Home ImprovementThere is no end to the varying opinions regarding home additions and improvements. Most of them focus on one thing: market value. It is a mortal sin for many to begin a home improvement, remodel, or expansion project without considering its repercussions in terms of the property’s value in the future.

It is your property after all. Before you consider what potential buyers would like, you should also think about what you want or what could make your homeownership more enjoyable and comfortable. For those who would rather think about how their property could be of service to them than consider what the market thinks of as standard or preferable, here are some suggestions:

Build a home theater

Sure, you can buy a big screen TV and equip it with a home entertainment system, but nothing compares to the experience of a real theater. You can lose yourself in a theater room for hours. A 60-inch or bigger UHD screen, walls with the right acoustics, soundproofing, and many more. Preferred Seating added that you could even look for theater or stadium seating chairs to complete the viewing experience. Now, all you need is popcorn and your favorite film on Blu-ray.

Install a pool

What’s even better than having your own theater? Being able to go swimming any day. Install a pool in your property and make every day a summer day. Of course, you may have to install a heated indoor pool if you want to enjoy the water year-round. It’s up to you. As long as you are prepared for the expenses of owning a pool, get the one you want.

Turn your attic into a home office

Not just a traditional office, though. Think about working anywhere in the attic because the entire floor is covered with a thick cushion. Beanbags and other cushions optional. Now all you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection, a laptop, and a few shelves or a filing cabinet and you’re in business. To add more drama and inspiration, install a giant skylight for enjoying the night sky. You may have to get it customized so it opens up the way you want and closes to protect you from the sun during daytime and to keep the glass safe during a storm.

Simply because your realtor is second-guessing your investment doesn’t mean it’s not something you’ll enjoy. Do what you want with your property and enjoy it even more.