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A Life Without an Air Conditioner: Learning the Repercussions

an air conditionerAn air conditioner is something that you may want to have in your home if you want to live comfortably. Its known function is to stabilize the temperature inside the home. But it fulfills a much more important function: it maintains the space’s humidity at conducive levels. Therefore, it helps in improving the quality of air at your home, thus making it more livable.

When your air conditioner breaks, you can only assume that a string of repercussions will follow. This is why you need to address the problem right away by seeking a reliable air conditioning repair expert in Salt Lake City. Whipple Service Champions lists some of the repercussions of not having an air conditioner:

It is hot

Suffice to say, the absence of an air conditioner will lead to a much hotter space. Heat means uncomfortable or tossing and turning in bed. You may have an electric fan, but an air conditioner is much better, especially during dog days.

Allergens thrive

When the humidity is present in the air, your space easily invites pests. Humidity turns your home into a nest of different allergens, which obviously have a negative effect on your family. These include black molds, bugs, and mildew. If you suspect that there is already an infestation, it will be necessary to seek the help of an inspector.

Foundations crumble

You may not notice it, but humidity can also cause damage to your home. Too much moisture in the air can cause wood to rot. Rotting of wood can result in the weakening of your home’s wooden components and parts, such as the foundations and the ceilings.

A life without an air conditioner may sound exaggerated for some. But if you come think of it, an air-conditioner is something that you can treat as an investment, which turns your home into a place of comfort.

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your HVAC System

airconditioner unit being cleanedSpring is just around the corner in Salt Lake City, and you know what that means: spring cleaning! This season, why don’t we give special attention to the MVPs of last winter: our home’s heating and air conditioning. Spring is the perfect time of the year to make sure that these systems are in tip-top shape.

Industry specialist All Hours Plumbing and HVAC states winter greatly affects the air quality inside the house. Since we keep most of our rooms insulated from the outside cold, this also means that we’ve sealed it up, so they have very little chance to air out.

The use of wool coats and blankets, as well as the pets that stayed inside for most days, mean that lint levels in the air conditioning system are at an all-time high. If you want to get a headstart on spring cleaning, here are our suggestions on where you could begin.

Heating and Air-conditioning

Keeping your HVAC system in excellent working condition works wonders in making your home as comfortable as can be. Scrimping on professional service may be worth it if you consider the savings and the relief it will provide you in the future.

This doesn’t mean you can’t save while scheduling for contractors and furnace service. You can shave some dollars off your bill with a few simple D.I.Y. things like clearing out the air vents of debris and replacing the air filters.


The winter frost can be devastating to indoor plumbing. Pipes are especially at risk because of the freezing temperatures. Spend a portion of your time checking for leaks and other faulty parts that need replacement. If needed, you can also hire professional help.


Now that the snow is melting, it’s also a great time to clear the gutter of gunk and debris that may have accumulated. These things that clog up your gutters can eventually cause water damage and rot to your roofing, so it’s best to make sure that you clear them up.

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can get your spring cleaning done quickly so you can finally enjoy the rest of the year with very little worry.

The Overlooked Importance of Controls and User Interface in the HVAC Backbone

Digital display for HVAC systemA mainframe interface is crucial to any HVAC equipment. For residential owners, it is how they will adjust the temperature or activate certain features that will help improve the comfort level. It does not get any more complex than this for homeowners because in all likelihood, anything more will confuse them. In an industrial setting, however, controls are far more important. The architecture, components and cooling capacity all come together to produce an optimal comfort level for several floors of people.

This is why no HVAC backbone should operate without controls and proper user interface. Think of it as the primary control and the thermostat is the secondary control. These controls, such as variable speed drives, flow meters and level monitoring, ensure that everything is working together to create pleasing comfort levels and, more importantly, that the equipment is working adequately. HVAC supplier Masterflow Solutions thinks of these controls as a way to prolong the system’s life cycle.

One Screen to Rule Them All

In residential settings, it is common practice to use the HVAC system until there is something wrong; it should not be, but that is how people use it. For buildings and other HVAC purposes, monitoring is crucial. Close monitoring will mean better life or premature maintenance for the system. To deliver cold comfort is a heavy job and a lot of it depends on proper monitoring and on time maintenance.

This is not to say that when the interface says everything is okay there is nothing to worry about. It is still better to have pipe checks, refrigerant checks and other system inspection to ensure that all components are performing up to expected standards.

Modern Good; Too Modern, Not Good

Digital displays will only become more prominent as time passes. It will be present in everything and that is just the way it goes. It would be wise to avoid going fully digital; leave some functions to analogue technology. This way, those that need absolute accuracy get it, and those that are functioning well are left as they are.

It is not much of a surprise that industrial-level HVAC systems need more than just the thermostat. This is the best way to deliver consistent levels of comfort and know that everything is functioning as expected.

The Common HVAC System Issues That Can Result in Costly Expenses

HVAC System Problems in UtahHeating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems now play major roles in the lives of consumers. They provide warmth during the cold season; proper ventilation when it is hot and humid; and refreshing air during warm days. But, they can also be some of the most expensive household equipment, especially if not properly maintained.

So, if your HVAC unit is not operating correctly, chances are, it is already suffering from certain issues. If you have tried basic troubleshooting steps yet nothing seems to work, it may be time for you to work with a highly experienced HVAC repair company, industry professional actionplumbing.net suggests. By doing this, you can avoid more unnecessary expenses due to the following:

1. Dirty Components

If the air filter or the other interior components of the HVAC system get extremely dirty, not taking care of the issue right away can result in even more serious expenses. Dirty HVAC systems can pose many health issues, especially to those who already have existing problems.

2. Too Many Unwanted Plants Growing Around the System

If you allow grass, weeds, and molds to grow and develop around the HVAC unit, they can quickly take over and cover the entire system. If the system is not able to ‘breathe’ properly, it will cause overheating, which can damage its various components. You can expect repairs for this kind of problem to be very expensive.

3. Damage Brought About By Severe Weather

If the area where you live in recently experienced bad weather, it is possible that your HVAC system has been compromised. Water damage can cause serious problems in the unit, and if left unfixed or unresolved, it can lead to pricey repairs.

Do not compromise the integrity of your HVAC system; contact a reputable maintenance and repair service provider as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the unit is no longer working.