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Design Inspiration: Nighttime Lighting Ideas for Your Pool

a pool at nightNo one can pinpoint why exactly, but nighttime swimming has an appealing charm to it. Many people enjoy swimming after dusk, seeing the pool in a different light.

You can keep this bonding activity safe for the whole family by adding lighting to your pool. Aside from getting metal pool fencing from GreatFence.com for extra security, pool lighting can also be a way to prevent accidents.

Besides, your backyard will look more appealing with great lights, that everyone would want to hang out there every night. Fortunately, there are different designs of fixtures that you can choose from to complement your landscape décor.

Pool party lighting

Do keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to set up the lighting in the water. For dinner parties, use lights to decorate your pool and highlight your yard’s landscape. Consider stringing lights around or over your pool to brighten the space and keep the party going. You can even go for Tiki lights, or waterproof floating LED lights to improve the overall vibe.

Color-changing pool lights

Get to enjoy the appearance of your pool in and out of the water by choosing color-changing pool lights. The majority of pool lighting kinds will have the option of changing colors. Try this function out during your nighttime swimming sessions for a more beautiful landscape.

LED pool lights

For those who prefer an environmentally friendly and long-lasting option, LED will be perfect for your pool lighting. LED lights can help you save on your electrical bill because it is energy efficient. You can even use these in both in-ground and above ground pools.

As you can surmise from the different designs above, pool lighting can truly change the function and look of the water. Pool lighting can make the entire atmosphere of your backyard cool and safe even at night.

Pool Construction: Making It Affordable

Pool ConstructionA swimming pool is always a great addition to any home. While many families dream to have one in their backyard, some just don’t have the budget for installation. After all, a permanent in-ground pool can cost thousands of dollars. Affordability remains the biggest concern why homeowners forget their desire of building a residential pool.

It is true that building a pool is expensive. It is also true, however, that there are plenty of ways to make the installation affordable. Pool construction experts at Dolphin Pools & Spas  note that there are plenty of ways to build a pool that can that fit your backyard and budget.

Build a Smaller Pool

Your pool doesn’t to have resemble those in luxury homes and properties. Even if you have the space, this doesn’t mean that you should stretch the pool size. It is always nice to have an extra backyard space where you can set-up a small kitchen or relaxing area. This is why it is best to go for a smaller swimming pool. As this will need fewer materials and labor, the cost is significantly cheaper. It is also easier and more affordable to maintain.

Compare Prices and Services

While price shouldn’t be your main concern when choosing a pool builder, it is an important factor. To get the best deal, it is best to talk to several contractors. You don’t always have to choose the cheapest builder, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go for the most expensive one. Compare their services and prices, and if possible read testimonials about their projects.

Choose Other In-ground Alternative

An aboveground pool is the cheapest of all the pools, but it doesn’t appeal to many homeowners. If you’re on the same page, consider a semi-inground pool. This is more affordable, but still have the benefits of an in-ground pool. It is can also be constructed to look like an in-ground pool through creative deck designs and landscaping.

These are a just a few ways to make pool construction more affordable. If budget is a concern, change your perception of what a swimming pool should like. You can have a free-from pool, a lap pool, and smaller one where your family and friends can have some quality time. Talk to a reliable builder and learn more about your options.

Why Not Have a Relaxing Swim at Home?

Pool at HomeAfter a long day from work, sometimes you’d just go home and wish to get a good dip in a pool as a source of relaxation. Imagine a relaxing swim in your Brisbane home. With that, you don’t have to drive for hours just to reach a nice resort. You can just turn your backyard into that dream pool paradise.

Now, relish that moment. Indulge yourself in luxurious personal time as you try to forget that stressful day and enjoy your slow, relaxing swim around your own pool.

Having such a comfortable, convenient retreat provides so many benefits to your personal well-being. 

Having your backyard pool does not only provide a source of relaxation,  it can also promote health and fitness. Swimming can be a home-based, daily exercise routine that helps you gain more lung stamina, toned muscles, and overall wellness.

Owning your own pool also encourages quality family time, bonding with peers and friends, and of course the staycations you need without traveling long distances just to get to a resort.

After all, these resorts often have problematic facilities and their pools’ cleanliness is put into question due to its public use. Having your own pool, however, puts you in control of maintaining it and assuring its cleanliness.

And, designing it as well. Brisbane Pools and Landscapes recommends L-shaped pools that offer a calming scenery, with trees surrounding it, or a sun exposed free form pool perfect for summer escapades.

The good news for Brisbane homeowners is that constructing a pool at home has become more affordable. There are so many options to further bring down that cost and allow you to make that dream pool into a reality with just a little investment.

As such, if relaxing, fun time with the family, and personal health and fitness are your cornerstones in life, then having that exquisite pool right in your home is one decision you won’t regret.

Home Design 101: Four Upgrades to Make Your Pool Summer Ready

Swimming Pool in PerthPlanning to give your pool a new, refreshing look for the coming summer season? There are many ways to improve its overall look, feel, and functionality. With a freshly upgraded pool, your family will have more reasons to look forward to diving into the cool waters this coming summer.

Here are some pool upgrade ideas for you:

Build a timber deck for outdoor relaxation

A nice timber deck is a great way to use the vacant space around your backyard pool. This should improve the overall functionality of the area as a place for relaxation. Think of placing large sun umbrellas and outdoor wicker furniture for added comfort.

Use glass enclosure; ditch the metal fences

Replace your old metal railings with glass fencing. Glass is a popular choice for pool fencing, Perth professionals explain. This gives homes a sleek and sophisticated look. The best thing about this upgrade is you do not sacrifice the security of your sneaky little children. Glass can be as safe as heavy metal fences. It can actually be much better, as it does not hinder views of your outdoor space.

Add interesting water features

Give your pool a resort-like feel by installing new water features. You can choose from hydrotherapy features, cascading waterfalls, mist sprayers, and fountain bubblers. If you have a budget, you might as well think of having an outdoor Jacuzzi in one corner. Consult qualified contractors, as pool upgrades must follow strict local regulations and industry standards.

Give it a more tropical feel

Think of surrounding your pool with landscaped gardens. This should be a good idea if you want to give it a more natural and tropical feel. Choose from different outdoor plants – from various small greens to bigger palm trees. You’re not just beautifying your pool; you’re also giving it a cooler ambience and shade.

The key to a successful upgrade is to maintain the balance between your pool’s aesthetics and function. Consult certified suppliers and contractors to make the right decision.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing: Is It a Worthy Addition?

Glass Pool FenceA beautiful and clean swimming pool often serves as the focal point of impeccably maintained yards in many Perth homes. Nonetheless, pools can also be a threat to the safety of the household, particularly to children and pets. Accidents may happen if there is no fencing or if the pool fence does not meet the Building Code of Australia.

Many designers faced serious challenges in creating a beautiful outdoor area for clients, while adhering to pool safety guidelines. Fortunately, this problem has since been resolved — all thanks to the availability of frameless glass pool fences.

As explained by Clear-AZ-GlassFencing.com.au, frameless glass pool fencing for Perth homes features many good qualities that make it ideal for pool areas.

Here are the primary characteristics of frameless glass fencing systems:

Elegance Meets Safety and Security

These fencing systems provide an elegant approach to maintaining safety and security in and around your swimming pool. You do not have to compromise the beauty and appeal of your home, while keeping your pool accident-free.

Optimal Clarity and Visibility

As they come in glass panels, these pool fences offer exceptional levels of clarity and visibility. This can be reassuring to parents and households with small children and pets. With the transparent panels, you can always see whatever is taking place in the pool area.

Sophisticated yet Minimalistic in Maintenance

Whilst frameless glass fences look sophisticated, they are still easy to clean and maintain. The panels do not require any special kind of maintenance to keep their aesthetic appeal. This means lower maintenance costs.

Who says you have to go over the top for your fences? With glass pool fencing, you can provide a safe and secure outdoor living space for yourself and your family.