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Choosing Between SEO and Email Marketing for Your Business Website

SEODigital marketing has a lot of different approaches and strategies. What you must incorporate to your business depends on who your target audience is, their demographics, and their surfing habits. You have to gather data about them to make your digital marketing campaigns as effective as possible. Email marketing and SEO both are important, but which one should you focus on?

Email and SEO

Building an email list means growing your brand and reaching more audiences. Meanwhile, SEO is important to get your business and your brand out there. This is why many business owners find it hard to decide which one to use. What you can do is work with a digital marketing expert to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of both and how these affect your business and online presence.

Capitalizing on their Strengths

In the end, using both email marketing and SEO in Denver is a great way to grow your business. They have certain strengths that will work to your advantage, so knowing how to use them efficiently is vital to your success. A good balance of both, relative to your target audience’s behavior, can get you far and give you an edge over your competitors.

How to Choose if You Have to

When push comes to shove and you need to use only one or focus on one, the right choice would vary depending on your business and industry. For some, SEO delivers better return-on-investment because their customers rely a lot on search engines. For other industries, the combination of the word-of-mouth marketing, personal referrals, seasonal discounts and email marketing is the better choice.

Hopefully, you wouldn’t be in a position that will require you to choose which of the two to prioritize. However, it’s still better to know their individual strengths and how effective these strengths are for your business so you could ultimately make the right decision.

Black Hat SEO: How It Works

Black Hat SEOYou have heard about it. However, you tell yourself that it is just somebody else’s idea of a sick joke. But it is real. And it is illegal.

What is Black Hat SEO?

You probably know what SEO stands for. In case you already forgot, it is search engine optimization – the process of maximizing the prominence of your website among search engines by using specific keywords that increase the chances of your site being ‘searched’ by Internet users.

Black hat SEO is applying the principles of search engine optimization, albeit, in an illegal way or in a manner that is not consistent with the rules and regulations of search engines. The term ‘black hat’ was coined from the gangster movies of old where bad guys usually wore black hats. Black hat SEO is essentially bad SEO.

Are You an Apprentice of Black Hat SEO?

Much like Star Wars’ Jedi and Dark Side forces, you will find it difficult to know if you are already within the realm of black hat SEO. Here are some things you need to ask yourself to determine if you are already on the darker side of search engine optimization.

  • Do you find yourself using so many keywords in a single article for your web content? It is not only the preposterous number of keywords on your content but rather the outlandishly out-of-context usage.
  • Have you ever used hidden texts or links in your content just so you can manipulate the search rankings of search engines? If yes, you practiced black hat SEO.
  • Did you ever make content with a link that redirects web surfers to an entirely different and unrelated site? They call this sneaky redirects and cloaking.
  • Have you ever manipulated links, spun articles, created link farms and automated queries sent to Google as well as creating duplicate content?
So What, You Might Ask?

Black hat is illegal – plain and simple. It damages your credibility and reputation as a business owner. Furthermore, you risk search engines banning your website for good, and worse, you risk facing lawsuits for violation of copyright laws.

Mash Media says there are a lot of suspicious or “Black Hat” SEO practices out there. So, be careful whom you choose to complete the SEO work for you.

Achieving success in SEO takes considerable time. You don’t want to waste your time and resources doing all these illegal SEO techniques if, at the end of it all, you will lose everything. Take it slow, get SEO experts for help, and just follow legal SEO guidelines. Eventually, you will see the results coming.

Why You Should Invest in a Seasoned SEO Agency

seoIn the SEO or digital advertising business, you probably have the following questions: what are the top Denver adwords trending today? What kind of content layouts work best for your customers right now? Which social media platforms are most frequented by your consumers?

If you can figure out some of these, then you have a little knowledge of SEO and online marketing. However, is it enough that you know “a little”? Nope. Far from it.

Here are the most important factors to take into account.

Knowing the right Adwords

It pays to know the right keywords your target market searches for. Even if you feel confident enough to gather the right Denver adwords through various Google tools, it still takes an expert to know exactly which ones of these actually work. You can do this only with the right tools – or the right experts, says C1 Partners.

Tailor Fit Strategies

Of course, these massive number of SEO tips online would make you feel like you are armed with enough knowledge to do your own SEO work.

Do not be fooled, however. While there are many tips online, you have to remember that these do not apply to everyone. Different businesses have different target markets, and in the same vein, these different target markets require different online marketing strategies to catch their attention.

Using the Right Media

Finally, it takes an expert to know where, when and how exactly to reach out to your potential customers. Even if you have the best content, posting it is useless if you do not have anyone to read it. Do not play the guessing game and let an expert handle these types of things.

Remember that online guides are not enough to inspire and create online marketing strategies. Online strategies can make or break your business. It is best to give this task to experts that you can trust.