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Family packing their things

The Big Shift: How to Get Children Ready to Move to a New Home

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Family packing their thingsAs exciting as it is, moving homes can be a little overwhelming, especially for the children. In fact, some Filipino psychologists believe that relocation can be so jarring for young kids and teens that it can cause anxiety and depression. The key to avoiding this is good preparation. Follow these tips to get your children ready for the big move:

Start the Talk Early

Real estate experts at Lancaster Cavite say that an early discussion about relocation would help the children ease into the idea of moving. Thus, even as you are contemplating about getting a new home, try to keep the kids already in the loop. You have to make them understand as well why you’re planning to do this. Is it to be near your workplace? Is it because of a security issue in your present neighborhood? Keep explanations clear and simple. Anticipate that there are going to be a lot of questions. Most of these questions come from a place of uncertainty: What happens to their friends? Do they have to transfer to a new school? What if they don’t get along with their new neighbors? Be ready for such questions and reassure them that you and your spouse will be there to support them in this transition.

Let them Envision the New Life

Child holding new house keysIf you’ve settled already on a house, allow them to see it weeks prior to the move. Spend an extended time in their would-be room and let them imagine how you’re going to decorate the space. Ask them for paint colors or wallpapers they want. Drive up to nearby parks, playgrounds, schools, and restaurants, and tell them that the people they meet will likely be their future neighbors. If you’re still in the process of finding homes, show them pictures of the properties you’re eyeing. Allow them to come with you to open houses. For your teen children, you may assign tasks to them, like snapping photos of the properties you visit or comparing model prices. You can also encourage them to check out model units online, like the Lancaster Alexandra model house, and ask them which they liked most. Letting them be part of the home-buying process allows them envision this new chapter in their lives.

Plan a Fun Goodbye (see-you-soon) Ceremony

This will help them further accept the reality of the move. It doesn’t have to be a sad going-away event. Organize a pajama party or a nice, simple backyard dinner with their friends and classmates. You may want to encourage your children to leave some valuable items with their peers. It can be as simple as a handkerchief or a stuffed toy that would serve as a symbol of their friendship. Or you could also give a speech, encouraging the children that their relationship doesn’t have to be severed because of distance. They could still see each other on social networking sites or visit every now and then. Reassure the kids that there really is no goodbye here, but just a see-you-soon.

Again, moving can be a little too stressful for kids. Make the relocation easier for them by following these tips.

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