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The Importance of Public Spaces to Youth Culture

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Any location that can be accessed by the people is classified as a public space. It can be parks, beaches, and roads. The broader sense of the word also includes places in which individuals can willingly enter, but they do have to pay if they wish to gain access to services or amenities. A prime example of this is an Outram Park cafe.

Public spaces should be well-rounded and possess these characteristics to be safe and functional for all residents.

• Diversity of Use

Functionality is one of the elements that people usually look at in public spaces. That doesn’t only apply to how the area can be used but also when it can be used. The best kinds of public spaces are ones that are functional regardless of the sun’s position (or the lack thereof) in the sky.

However, it’s understandable that this isn’t always doable given the possibility of crimes occurring. The next best thing, then, is to make these spaces safe come nighttime. That can be achieved with proper lighting. Public parks, for example, need to have street lamps spaced strategically so that no dark spots are left behind for any would-be perpetrators to hide in.

As for other establishments like cafes or boutiques, safety measures should be checked, like CCTVs or guards posted at the doors of these establishments.

• Positive Impact on the Economy

Roads, as previously mentioned, are public spaces as well. Given how they connect most parts of the city, roads should be kept spacious and accessible for both vehicles, pedestrians, and more. Having this feature gives those who don’t drive a chance to get to places that have establishments in them, helping stimulate business and growth.

The existence of spaces with the elements mentioned above is critical to the culture of the younger generation, especially in bustling cities. That is because the uses that these spaces offer to the youth can affect certain aspects of their lives that they need to hone if they wish to grow as well-rounded people.


One of the reasons that the youth come together in public spaces is for social purposes. Parks, cafes, theaters — all of these locations allow them to spend time with their friends outside the Internet. Given the right amenities, they can do any activity that the group might enjoy doing.


Education doesn’t stop once the youth leave their schools for the day. Many students are diligent enough to stay on top of their workload but can’t do so at home or in the school library.

It highlights the need to create locations that let them sit down and go through their school materials with only a few distractions. Public libraries, cafes, and coworking spaces are a few examples.


Love park

As people grow older, they take on more responsibilities. It can be overwhelming for some of the youth, which brings up the need for the younger generation to take breaks every so often. While they can do so in the comfort of their home, it’s a much better idea to do so outside, especially in spaces where they can reconnect with nature.

Why? Because nature and greenery are both known for their soothing effects. They stabilize the heart rate and lower the blood pressure of those in their presence.

Without any of these, the growth of youth might be stunted, which will ultimately affect their journey to adulthood.

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