The New Norm: Career Options to Pursue From Home

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The new decade has borne witness to numerous historical events, one of which is a virus that spread to the point where it’s considered a global pandemic.

In the face of a possible new norm, many of us can’t help but stress while in the safety of our new homes. That includes those who are old enough to worry about livelihoods. After all, the world continues to turn even when we’re stuck inside.

There’s no reason to fret, though. Considering the advancements that we have made, there are alternatives that we can take to progress our lives as career men and women. Here are a few examples that we should consider since they don’t require us to go outside.


Online shopping is popular even before the lockdowns and quarantines. It wouldn’t be all too surprising if it continues to rise in prominence during these dire times.

Those who are contemplating e-commerce as a career should take note of the steps to do it properly and legally. Here are two that can help with the setting up process.

Core Item

These days, we can sell just about anything online, provided that these items are legal, of course. Some popular choices these days are craft items, like jewelry and candles.

Entrepreneurs who are starting should remember that it’s best to focus on one item line in the beginning, before expanding the options as the business grows. Doing so lessens our initial expenses, a critical point since we are only at the beginning.

No matter what our decision is, our final choice must be accessible to us either through easy procurement or making. This way, we can quickly replenish our stocks as our client base grows.

Shopping Place

Since we won’t have a physical location, our website should both be functional and pleasing to the eyes. With the help of a Shopify web developer, we can accomplish both in no time.

Alongside our website, we should also consider starting social media accounts for our shops. Sites like Instagram and Twitter are perfect choices since they allow us to spread our name, interact with our market, and check out the possible competition.


Again, thanks to the Internet and other forms of virtual communication, many existing career tracks can now be pursued without going into the office, like writing.

One of the popular choices for aspiring and current writers these days is copywriting, which can be done as one’s permanent job or on a freelance basis. Countless job listing sites have openings for these positions. It’s only a matter of finding the company that best suits us and getting hired after succeeding at all the tasks and exams they send our way.

Aside from copywriting, there is blogging. This option may be a bit daunting for others, especially since it’s often reliant on building up one’s fanbase first in the hopes of getting partnerships and ads on the page. However, it’s a great choice, considering working for oneself entails a flexible schedule.

Virtual Assistance

Some people are simply too busy to perform administrative tasks themselves. Hence, there’s the need for an assistant to do it for them.

Similar to most things, this professional relationship has now been modernized, resulting in the creation of the virtual assistant position. Virtual assistants are akin to their non-remote counterparts in that they’re expected to be disciplined and organized to be of help to the person they’re supposed to be assisting.

A few tasks that virtual assistants are expected to complete are answering emails, making dining or traveling arrangements, and scheduling meetings.

With that, it’s worth mentioning that none of us are expected to get into the grind so quickly, considering the global pandemic. In the face of uncertainties, it’s okay to take things slow and focus on our well-being first before exploring the many options that we have for career tracks.

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