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The Qualities of a Good Nursing Home

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Placing a family member in a nursing home can be difficult. But when they require immediate, full-time care, a nursing home is their best chance of getting it. A decision like this will be easier if you take the time to research nearby nursing homes. When searching for a nursing or care home for a family member, make sure the home has these qualities to make the best possible choice.

Trained Staff

The first and perhaps most important quality of a good nursing home lies in its in-house staff. They will be looking after your family member’s health and welfare, so their level of expertise, attitude, and professionalism are very important. When gauging the quality of their service, it’s ideal to spend some time observing the staff and how they treat and care for the residents.

Ask residents and their visiting relatives about how they feel about the facility. Take note of any staff or personnel who exhibits skills in nursing and personal care and keep a friendly and respectful relationship with the residents. See if they knock on the doors of the residents’ rooms before they enter and if they politely address them by name.

Pleasant Surroundings

When a nursing home places importance on having clean, orderly facilities and pleasant surroundings that include a well-maintained garden, it’s a sign that it provides quality care. By providing residents with a beautiful garden to lounge and take in the fresh air and vitamin D, the nursing home shows that it’s looking after its residents’ well-being. It will be even better if they allow residents to do light gardening work since gardening can benefit their physical and mental health.

Clean and Complete Facilities

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Check the physical state of the nursing home. Is the house clean, and are rooms free of dust and mold? Are the exteriors and interiors well-maintained? Do the plumbing fixtures work properly? And since residents have medical conditions, does the nursing home have adequate waste management equipment to handle medical waste?

Although nursing homes all provide long-term care, they can differ in the level and quality of services. See if they have a clinic and full-time, in-house nursing services. You should also check if the bathrooms have the right safety features like non-slip mats and extra handholds to prevent falls.

Planned Social Activities

A quality nursing home usually offers social activities for their residents. The best ones even allow the residents to have their say on what activities these might be. See if the nursing homes offer social activities like Bingo draws, movie nights, mentally stimulating game sessions, and other social activities that allow residents to break the monotony of their days and interact with their peers.

Overall, when you need to place a family member in a nursing home, they must receive the bare minimum, which is the right level of care, full-time. Above that minimum, a quality nursing home should give them a safe, clean, secure, and healthy environment that looks after their mental and physical well-being.

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