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The Wedding Guest’s Guide on Choosing the Right Attire

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Being a guest at someone’s wedding is one of the most fun experiences to be had, but only if you observe proper etiquette. The most important of which is the event’s dress code.

Dress codes can be confusing to follow if they’re not specified enough. Luckily, purchasing the perfect men’s country wear from UK shops never goes wrong. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts that will help you choose the perfect outfit.

Do note the details of the wedding.

Take as much information as you can about the wedding event to deduce the right kind of attire for it. At what time of the day is the ceremony? Will the event be indoors or outdoors? How long do you reckon the rituals will last? It wouldn’t be over-thinking as much as it’s being polite.

Do predict the weather conditions.

Tune into the news for the weather. Check your phone for a climate forecast on the date of the wedding. That should dictate how warm or cold it might get so that you can adjust with either less or more layers. Also, prepare for the possibility of a drizzle!

Do ask about other guests’ choice.

If you happen to know other people from the couple’s guest list, then you should ask what they’re hoping to wear. If they have a wedding coordinator, you can ask them. If that doesn’t give you a basis for your own outfit, at least you’d have someone to look identical with at the event.

Female trying on wedding dress

Don’t dress up to steal the spotlight.

All these care and thoughtfulness about your attire shouldn’t mean that you can wear the most extravagant ensemble to the event. Dress at your best, but don’t expect to receive a best-dressed award by the end of the night, especially when weddings are getting less ostentatious as they are. It’s their moment, not yours.

Don’t go for a too-casual ensemble.

Conversely, you shouldn’t attend the event donning denim jeans, animal prints, a cocktail dress, or any criminally casual outfit. Regardless if you want to send a statement or can’t care enough to sacrifice comfort for formality, your choice of clothing can make or break the couple’s moment. If you aren’t making it, then why attend at all?

Don’t forget to bring spare outfits.

If you’re unsure about your attire, then bring a safe spare of clothes. Not only will you protect yourself from unforeseen mishaps, like spilling a drink on your dress, but you’ll also have the option to change into something more comfortable come evening when everyone’s more relaxed and familiar.

Don’t wear white

For any reason whatsoever, please do not ever wear white to a wedding. Unless you are explicitly told to do so, you should avoid wearing the quintessential color unless you want to be mistaken for the bride. Even if you know a white gown isn’t part of the bride’s change of attires, wearing white can rub other guests off the wrong way.

Now all you need is a plus-one who is as keen to fashion as you are, and you’re all set for a memorable wedding weekend!

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