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Dental implant

Things to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants in Birmingham

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Dental implantDental implants have become mainstream in dentistry and are often the method of choice for dentists who wish to replace single or multiple missing teeth. Many factors can be at work in an individual’s decision to pursue dental implants and some of them are more important than others.

When dental implants were first introduced, they were much different compared to modern dental implants in Birmingham. Original dental implants were difficult to place into the jawbone and required invasive surgery, which involved pain. In short, these implants were reserved for special cases. This is definitely not the case anymore as an increasing number of dentists, including Sutton Implant Clinic, have developed a systematic and highly successful approach to the treatment planning and placing of dental implants in Birmingham.

Choosing the right dentist

Like in all other fields, dentists practising restorative dentistry do not necessarily offer the same services. Dentists trained in the use of dental implants have received additional education and further training. When planning for dental implants, a patient should be on the look out for a dentist with great credentials and sufficient experience. Moreover, a dentist has to be considerate and communicative.

Choosing the right technique

Nowadays, there are so many dental techniques available on the market, that patients can be easily confused. However, the success of dental implants in Birmingham depends on the customised approach to the treatment. Different patients have different dental needs, therefore require bespoke treatment. An experienced dentist will be able to examine a patient’s teeth and create an individualised treatment plan that will take into consideration factors such as a patient’s age, the condition of their jawbone and the number of missing teeth.

Bone quality

There are two types of patients who opt for dental implants in Birmingham – those with failing teeth and those who have lost some of their teeth already. Depending on their situation, the amount of bone tissue left in their jawbone can be considerably different. When a tooth is lost, it has to be replaced immediately to prevent deterioration. However, this is not always possible and quite a few patients come to the dentist for dental implants having sustained significant bone loss.

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