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Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Handles

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kitchen interioir with cabinetsYou just had your kitchen renovated. Everything is nearly done. Now, it is time to do the finishing touches of your special home project: find the right kitchen handles.

Buying architectural hardware from Castella  for your kitchen cabinets and drawers may look easy as it gets. But this is one reason why we often end up having a loose knob or broken handle. When you buy handles, such as bow kitchen handles, it is recommendable that you consider function and quality over look.


Maybe you have chosen handles over knobs because handles seemed more ergonomic. Knobs are less expensive, are easier to install, and offer a more vintage look. With a handle, expect a number of materials available. You can find wood, chrome, steel, bronze, and even wrought iron. The use of handles is a lot more fitting for pulling or opening up larger drawers and cabinets. The fact that opening or pulling a cabinet with a handle is more comfortable than the one with a knob makes handles a better choice. Also, considering the make or material used, they last longer than knobs.


Speaking of handles that last for a long time, the make is definitely an important consideration. Handles are more expensive than knobs because of function and materials used. Beware of cheap ones or those that look nice but would break after a few weeks. Handles come with intricate designs and styles, and such looks may not match use. Most of the time, avoid those with a shiny finish. They easily scratch or leave fingerprints. Hardy handles, like those made of cast-iron, are tougher and easier to clean. Quality should not be outshone by finishes.

Handle manufacturers can use design and aesthetics to capture a buyer’s attention. When buying kitchen handles, it is good to be guided with the use and make. Handles that last long should be the basis of their value.

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