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Thought You’re Safe in the Winter? These Pests Can Still Infest Your Home

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You might think that winter is finally going to provide a respite from critters. Maybe a sudden bout of cold has gotten rid of the mosquitoes and other flying bugs for the time being, but it is too early to consider yourself safe.

There are still lots of creepy crawlers that can take up residence in your home, even during the bitterest winter months. If you live in Virginia Beach, VA pest control might not be the top of your priorities because of the mild weather.

But you could be making a grave mistake. Find out about the top pests that can disturb your winter.

Mice and other rodents

Rodents don’t always hibernate outside during the winter. In fact, the availability of food and warm temperatures inside your home can lead them to use it as a safe space during winter. They can live in dark corners of your house.

This includes places such as basements and attics, destroying your essential things in storage, especially eating through documents. They can infiltrate your food pantry and spread germs such as salmonella, flu viruses, or worse, rabies.  Set up mouse traps in the fall to nip this problem at the bud.

Catch and release traps are a humane way to release the rodents back into the wild. Rats provide an additional threat of biting any pets. If your pets eat them or get bitten, they could get seriously sick or even die. To prevent rats from taking over your house, clear out junk from storage spaces and do regular cleanings.

Use a covered trashcan outside your house and in your kitchen. This will also keep the racoons and skunks at bay.


Some say cockroaches will survive through the apocalypse. Winter is certainly no match for them. They love damp, dark areas of the house. They not only spread germs, but they can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks in children and vulnerable adults.

To keep cockroaches out seal any small gaps indoors and windows through which they could come in. Always remove food scraps and seal them in plastic bags. Never leave food out overnight as the smell could attract cockroaches and other insects.

Your best line of defense against them is to clean your kitchen after use thoroughly. In severe cases, you may need to call an exterminator.


spider on the floor

Certain species of spiders such as the brown recluse can set up their webs in corners of your house, such as cupboards. They are generally not harmful if left on their own. However, if disturbed, they can bite. Their bites are venomous and can lead to significant pain and injury.

They are a problem if you have young children or pets in the house. To avoid having spider infestations, clean your walls and behind large appliances and furniture regularly. Be careful before putting on shoes in the morning if you have an ongoing infestation.

Pest control needs to be an ongoing process throughout the year. If you don’t properly take care of infestations in your house in the fall, winter can provide a long growth period for these critters. They can come crawling out as soon as the weather gets warmer in the spring.

To avoid an out of control infestation problem, make sure you take steps to prevent the pests mentioned above from reproducing in your home.

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