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Three Benefits of Home Automation

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The advancements of technology in the past few decades has caused a large shift in the way people live. It’s now possible to work without ever stepping foot in an office. You can get a degree by attending class exclusively online. Buying products from different corners of the world is the norm. Beyond commerce and education, it has also changed people’s home lives.

From virtual assistants to automated gates, you can now control an entire house using a phone. It’s not just impressive. It also has plenty of benefits. Here’s a few reasons why you should automate your home:

Better Security

One of the best things about smart homes is the amount of control it gives the household. If you forgot to lock the front door but you’ve already left your house, you can change it in an instant. All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet. It’s also great to set up scheduled locks. Depending on the type of system you’re using, you can have the doors locked based on your preferences. You don’t even have to do anything. It can lock on its own once it’s at a certain time or when it detects that you’re back home. This is especially great if you’re prone to forgetting to set up the security system and locking the door.

Even if you don’t have a limited budget, you can still level up your home’s security. You can pick and choose particular devices based on the cost and your needs. They also come in packages that are easy to install so you can save on labor costs. You also don’t have to pay a fee every month for monitoring services.

On the other hand, if you are willing to splurge, you can get a monitored system. The main difference is there will be a professional monitoring company who will watch the security footage for you. In case of a fire or a theft, they will be the one who will be contacting the fire department or the police. This means that you don’t need to watch the security system like a hawk 24/7. The downside is it can be pretty pricey. Some companies have lengthy contracts that cost a couple of hundred dollars per year. On the bright side, there are also services that don’t require contracts so you can pay on a monthly basis.

Improved Energy and Water Efficiency

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It might seem surprising, but smart devices are actually more energy efficient than their “dumb” counterparts. Despite the fact that they use Wi-Fi and other energy-consuming features, they also have sensors. Smart thermostats can detect when you’re at home or when you’re out. They can also automatically adjust their settings based on the weather. According to data from the Energy Information Administration, households spend the most on cooling and heating. So a thermostat that you can set based on a schedule and you can control using a phone is efficient in energy use.

You can also decrease your electricity consumption by installing smart light bulbs. Even if you’re already miles away, you can check and turn off the lights at home. There are also some LED lights that offer more controls. For example, you can change the brightness and the color.

Besides electricity use, you can also use smart devices to lower your water bills. There are smart leak detectors which alerts you each time there’s a problem with your pipes. Before a leak causes flooding or high consumption, you can fix it immediately. If you opt to buy a detector with other features, you can prevent different sorts of water problems. For example, there are devices that also have temperature sensors so you’ll be notified each time the pipes are too cold or warm. This can save you a lot of money since pipe repair due to bursting or freezing can be costly.

Higher Property Value

In a competitive housing market, it’s important to have an edge. If you’re planning to sell or rent your property, smart home devices can help with that. They won’t only help increase the house’s value but it can also make it more enticing. A 2018 survey has shown that home buyers look for smart security systems and thermostats. If you’re deciding whether to take your devices with you or leave it at the property, remember that they can help during an open house.

Smart home tech isn’t only for convenience. They can also make a home feel more comfortable and secure for the entire family. If you’re thinking of upgrading your house, think of the big picture.

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