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Three Mistakes People Make When Visiting the Philippines

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a horse-drawn carriage in the Philippines

Visiting a country for the first time can be very exciting. You get to learn more about a new culture, meet new people, and see places that you’ve only seen online. The Philippines, one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia, is an excellent choice for travel. The country is known for its pristine white beaches, multicultural history, and the friendliness of the locals. If you’re headed to the Philippines and want to have a safe and wonderful time, you should avoid making these mistakes:

Taking Things Too Fast

When you’ve only arrived in a new country, the best thing to do is take some time to relax. After a long flight, it’s best to nurse the jet lag at a comfortable spot, maybe a condo in Manila or Makati or a hotel of your choice. Many tourists make the mistake of hopping on the next flight to an island with no cell reception right after their long-haul flight. Not only does this put an immense toll on your body; you’re also setting yourself up for disappointment as you find that you’ll be too tired to enjoy anything.

The Philippines is one of the most laid-back countries in Southeast Asia. The locals like taking their time, whether it’s for work or relaxation. Take your time and enjoy the sights. You will have a better time for your vacation.

Only Staying in the Tourist Zones

rice fields in the philippines

Many tourists make the mistake of wedging themselves into every tight space flooded with other tourists. While tourist attractions and destinations surely are worth seeing, it is a disservice to yourself to only stay in these touristy areas. Eating food at typical restaurants and getting tours around the most popular haunts can give you a half-decent experience. You might experience lackluster service if you only stay in tourist zones, as the business owners want to serve as many people as possible, compromising the quality of the service.

There are many places tourists will find interesting that are not in a tour guide’s list. If you have friends in the area, ask them about these areas so you could see them for yourself and experience the true Philippines.

Being Carefree About Safety

The Philippines is a great country but not without fault. You can be scammed and robbed like in every other country. To avoid being victimized, be alert and aware at all times. Keep your valuables hidden and in a place where it can’t be quickly taken. It is always best to keep your valuables in check. Keep them in a hotel safe, especially passports, cards and traveler’s checks. Make sure that you do not wear jewelry that would attract attention, and always carry local currency. Follow these standard safety practices, and you will have a great time.

These are just some things that you need to avoid when you visit the Philippines. It’s a beautiful country with a lot to offer, so make sure that you make the most out of your trip. Bon voyage!

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