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Tips Before Buying an Off-Road Dirt Bike

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A bike enthusiast enjoying a sandy terrain rideOff-road dirt bikes, especially the ones you can buy from dealers such as, are unique motorbikes. They have exceptional suspension, and they have powerful motors. Built for the toughest road conditions, often in a sports and recreational setting, these bikes are for thrill-seekers and the adventurous.

If you think this bike is the right one for your spirit, you are on your own way in owning one. But before you start searching for off-road dirt bikes for sale, new or second-hand, take a look at some important considerations.

Prepare for the price

Motorcycles may come cheap; from a few hundred dollars to the really expensive ones at several thousand dollars. As with off-road dirt bikes, you can buy a new one starting from $400 to $17,000, on average. Of course, there are some expensive ones beyond $20,000.

For used bikes, one can fetch an old model from $100 to a newer model at $16,000. If you have a small budget, buy the less powerful models since they are cheaper to manage and have low insurance premiums.

When scouting showrooms, set a budget. Sales people are very good at convincing buyers, especially if you have not set a limit.

Be wise with insurance

Before buying a bike, learn more about the available insurance options. Without claims, new riders often pay higher insurance. As they progress with experience, the payments are lower. For your bike to stay in tip-top shape, keep it garaged.

In choosing the type of insurance, it is best to find a comprehensive one. It is more expensive, but it covers damage to the bike, including those brought by other vehicles. Insurance that covers for third party, fire and theft is also a good option.

The most basic of all bike insurance is the third-party bike insurance, which only covers third-party damage or injury.

When you are buying a second-hand bike, be sure to check the bike’s vehicle history, service history, its MOT certificate, and the seller’s ID. It is important that you are getting a good deal.

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