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Top Things to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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In the past, weddings aren’t as grand as they are now. Couples don’t used to care about the flowers, the table setting, the music, the lights, the photos, the videos, and the food. They just invite their closest friends and family, serve them food, put the music on, and everyone is going to dance the night away. That’s not the case now. Weddings are grand, and they aim to topple each other. Ever have a friend consistently posting on Facebook about her $100,000 wedding? That’s social media for you.

Couples are even looking for catering installation service in Kent or the area of their event venue because they want an open kitchen concept for their wedding. Yes, that’s how sophisticated and elegant weddings are now. Some receptions have a carving station, an open kitchen layout, and a charcuterie to provide an almost surreal gastronomic experience for the couple’s guests.

But now that you’re looking for a wedding caterer, what is it that you are looking for? And most importantly, what should you avoid?

Don’t Jump the Gun

Unless you have finalized the number of guests, their allergies and food preference, and where and what time the food will be served, don’t talk to any caterers just yet. It’s a waste of time to talk with caterers when you don’t have the full details of your wedding. For caterers to give you an estimation, you need to provide them with the following information: number of guests, time of the foodservice, the location of the reception, and the food choices.

Don’t Skimp on Service

Don’t think that just because you are serving lobster and steak that guests won’t notice the food arrived late or that there are not enough waiters to serve them on time. When couples think about caterers, they immediately think about the quality of food.

But while that is accurate, the better hierarchy would be service, food, and presentation. First and foremost, you need to look at the quality of the service and the experience of your guests. After which, you can focus on how great the food tastes and how good it looks on their plates.

Don’t Skip the Food Tasting Event

food tasting

If you are hiring a particular caterer because you had an experience with it before and they were great, try the whole thing again. Try the food. Ask to attend one of their catering events just to see how well they handle the food service. Bring your partner along and some more people whose taste buds you trust when you go for a food-tasting meeting. You want to make sure that the taste and quality of the food remained the same.

Don’t Try Too Hard

It is easy to get caught up in the trends and fads that come out on social media. You don’t have to serve bowls of acai berries or offer quinoa. You don’t need a chocolate room where all kinds of chocolates are cut, melted, and made into dessert concoctions. Sometimes, offering a standard meal is the safest and most practical choice. Focus on the overall experience of the guests rather than on how trendy your wedding is.

As a general rule, choose a caterer whose capabilities align with your vision. You need to be comfortable with the caterer because you’ll be dealing a lot with them. Think of it this way: they are going to serve food in the most memorable celebration of your life. Make sure they are worthy of the honor.

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