If you are looking for a wedding band, you know that the possibilities are endless. Aside from choosing the material of the ring, you also have to consider the finish. Both of these factors affect the durability and the scratch resistance of the ring you choose. Whether you want the glam and glitz of a polished finish or the durability of a hammered finish, looking at the wedding ring finish is one way to guarantee quality.

One of the things that separate white gold wedding rings for her from other types is the finish. You could have rings of a similar style or material but different finish variations. The following are the standard finishes you will find:

The polished finish

Polished rings show up often in the market alongside matching jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. The finish is reflective and shiny. A sure way to tell a new item is if you can see your image reflected on the surface. People who like glamour and a little bit of attention can pick this ring. The downside is that you have to be careful not to get the ring scratched. Note that rings made of tungsten that are polished will be scratch resistant.

The satin finish

Like satin material, rings with this finish feel smooth. Unlike polished rings, satin finishes will not reflect your image. They resemble more closely a fogged up mirror, like in a bathroom after a shower. Go for this finish if you like smoothness without the shine.

The brushed finish

This finish is like satin but with pizzazz. The two have no sheen, but they differ in texture. Brushed finishes look as though they are wire-brushed. There are small marks on the surface of the ring. This finish is popular with men’s rings, especially those made of tungsten. It is scratch resistant but should the scratches occur; they are not blatant on the surface of the ring.

The hammered finish

groom putting a ring on his brideThe hammered finish is popular among laid back men who like to work in the background and ladies who want a classic look. The rings have a dimpled appearance, making them look as if each dimple was put with a hammer on the ring’s surface. In reality, the ring it hammered before being taken through satin finishing to remove its reflectiveness.

The wire-brushed and sandblasted finish

Wire brushing and sandblasting are new finishing techniques. In wire brushing, the ring looks like it is brushed, but the marks are more noticeable and deep. The finish looks like fine hair running along the circumference of the ring. In sandblasting, the ring feels coarse. You can feel what looks like grains of sand on the surface of the ring by running the tips of your fingers on it. Even if sandblasted rings feel grainy, they can be made to appear glossy.

Other finishes on the market are not as popular as those discussed above. For example, the rippled finish is a play on the hammered finish. It offers an appearance similar to the hammered ring, but the designs are coherent. The ring surface looks like it is made with ripples of protruding water. As a rule, inquire about your options from your manufacturer or jeweler in order to find the right one for you or your loved one.