Nowadays, the adventurous nomadic van life is garnering praises all over the Internet and social media. Many people want to just drop their complicated, dull and boring life for a while and immerse in wonderful experiences as a camper.

If you’re also fascinated by this idea and wish to embrace the van life, whether for a short period or as a long-term lifestyle, here are important things you have to take into account:

The Other Side of Van Life

A lot of individuals think that the van life is all fun and games. While it is indeed fun, there are certain aspects that you may find undesirable. Blogger Megan Holstein, for instance, discussed some not-so-good experiences that she had while living in her mobile home. She shared that she had problems with wasps and bugs, spent long nights at mall parking lots, and one time, when she visited Boise, Idaho, found out on the last minute about the city’s ordinance against overnight parking.

Don’t let these instances kill your dream, however, because Holstein also stated that she will not trade van life for the world. Thus, the beauty and delight definitely outweigh such inconvenient moments. Besides, life has its ups and downs, and without any bump on the road, you can’t make the most out of nomadic living.

Buying vs. Renting

First and foremost, you need a van that is large enough and suitable for your lifestyle needs. Accordingly, many prefer to buy a Sprinter for sale, a commercial van produced by Mercedes-Benz, because it is available in different variants, shapes, and sizes. Moreover, it’s highly customizable to match distinct preferences.

If you want to live on the road for a long period, it’s best to get a Sprinter van, whether brand new or pre-owned. However, if the van is only meant for short-term use, it’s better to just rent.

Van Conversion

parked camper van

After obtaining your van, the next step is preparing the essentials for turning your vehicle into an on-the-go home. Some items that you need include a portable cooking stove and refrigerator, water jug with a filtration system, mobile signal booster, charging the device, furniture, and emergency medical kit.

You can hire a company to convert your van, or alternatively, you can buy one that’s already been converted. There are also packages and kits you can look out for that include features like flooring, shelving, and even installed mattresses.

However, you may also choose to DIY your van. Get inspiration from these cool and functional designs of actual home vans:

  • Mobile Home for Dream Travels

Court and Jess, an engaged couple saved for a Sprinter van and transformed it into a liveable home before going on a quest to achieve their travel goals together. You’ll find elaborate details of their remodeling project in this Instructables blog.

  • Family Home Van

Now, if you’re traveling with your family, check out this video tour of a van owned by a family of four. It includes a bunk bed that’s convertible into a table area, a bench seat for the kids, and a bathroom complete with a shower and toilet.

  • Workplace on Wheels

If you can’t afford to drop your job while traveling, why not incorporate a work area in your van? Check out this awesome self-converted Sprinter van that has a furnished office, bathroom, and amazingly, a garage.

Life can be rigid sometimes, compelling us to break off from our routines and go on an unpredictable adventure. However, to fully enjoy van life and stay safe as you jump into the unknown, diligent preparation is a must.