Ways to Keep Your Building Cool

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Hand adjusting thermostat

When you’re managing a building, one of the main concerns that you should have is how one of its systems is working. This is because one system malfunctioning will have your tenants angry and uncomfortable. One of the more critical systems nowadays is the HVAC system, which ensures that the occupants are cool even during the hottest weather. To ensure that it is running correctly, here is a simple checklist of what to keep in good condition:


Start with the Filters


The filters ensure that dirt doesn’t get into your HVAC system. They also stop the dirt from being carried into various parts of your building. The air filters should be inspected every three to four weeks to see how clogged they have become. This can result in an early filter replacement, but it can be worth it. No matter the result of the inspection, you will need to change them every three to six months.


Clean air filters are a big help to your HVAC system’s operations. With them, you can have 15 percent lower energy consumption. This is why your people need to check on them regularly. Heavy usage can mean that your filters are getting dirtier faster.


Inspect the Internals


For this part, you will need to call in some professionals. A central HVAC system will have several moving parts that require an inspection to see if they are working fine. For example, parts like the AC condensate pump and the fan need looking after at least twice a year to ensure that everything is fine. Though there is a filter, particles still manage to come into the system and foul things up.


The main parts you should be concerned with is the fan and the motor. This is because they are the main drivers of the air through the system. If they are not performing as well as they should be, you can expect problems. This is why checking on them is crucial, especially if the fan has become clogged or is rotating in the wrong direction. Both of these can negatively affect the performance of your HVAC system. You will also need to ensure that they are properly lubricated so that you don’t encounter breakdowns or overheating.


Check the Air Intake


Another part of the system that you need to focus on is the air intake. Because of their function, water pools around them. This makes them the perfect breeding ground for mold. When mold releases its spores so near to the air intake, they can cause health problems when they enter the ventilation system.


Ensure that the Thermostat Is Fine

Modern furnace setting panel


Your thermostat is what controls how cold your building is going to be and how well your HVAC system operates. This means if it is malfunctioning, then you will end up having problems with controlling your building’s temperature. This can cause additional expense as it operates too much or discomfort if it does not operate enough. A yearly check of the thermostat should remove this worry.


Proper maintenance is an excellent bonus to your operations. It reduces the amount of downtime and can ensure that significant problems don’t pop up. With the checklist above, your HVAC systems should be as good as they could be, which should please your building’s tenants.

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