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What are the Home Design Trends in Australia for 2018?

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architect creating architectural plan and designThe use of natural materials such as concrete will be among the trends for residential architecture design in Australia for this year.

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Concrete Design

Many homeowners have shifted to a natural design for their houses due to their growing awareness on sustainability. Aside from concrete, other choices for exterior cladding include exposed handmade bricks, rammed earth and timber.

These designs not only promote eco-friendly designs but also provide homeowners with a unique and different appearance for their property. For instance, rammed earth and timber exudes a classic weathered look.

Other Trends

Minimalism and smart designs that maximise space to conserve resources will also take centre stage for home design this year. Some houses have already used curvy facades to make the most out of small areas.

Depending on a person’s preferences, certain houses adopt the shapes of indigenous architectural designs such as igloos. Aboveground pools are also becoming more popular particularly for homes Melbourne, where people deal with a limited swimming season.

Population Growth

An increasing population serves as another reason behind the emergence of new architectural styles, apart from a need to build more houses. In March, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that building consents increased by 14.5 percent year over year.

The March approvals for detached houses and apartments also indicate that home construction will keep on rising in the near future, according to Shane Garrett, Housing Industry Association senior economist.


Whether you are a landscaper or a homebuilder, it makes senses to keep updated on recent design trends to remain relevant to your target market. How do you execute a client’s preferred architectural style?

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