Learning to ride a bike can be one of your best achievements as a child. Even adults who are just starting to learn to ride a bike would feel that same elating feeling. It’s those simple joys in life that you can actually along as you grow older, and pass on that passion for outdoors to your children and grandchildren.

Just imagine road cycling in beautiful places such as Belgium or anywhere outdoors. You may not help but appreciate the outdoor view as you cruise along with your bike. Plus, biking is a great way to keep fit while enjoying the view of your surroundings. However, there are things you need to consider first before you go road cycling for the first time.

What you need in road cycling

Here are some of the most important things you need to have before you go ride your bike.

Road bike

Bikes usually vary in frame size, design, and height. It is important to determine where you are using the bike for — whether for commuting, recreational or fitness, or for competitive purposes. Likewise, you should also consider your budget when choosing the right bike for your use.


Unless you are using the bike to commute or for a simple ride along with the neighborhood, apparel should not be a big deal. But if you are using your bike for fitness or for competitions, it is important to wear apparel that is suitable for bike riding.

For example, riders usually wear shirts with zippered fronts, longer back cuts, and stretchable sleeves and shoulders for a more comfortable ride. Other items that you may need to wear include bike shorts, wind vest, and fingerless gloves with built-in padding.

Safety and repair tools

Flat tires may be inevitable while you are on the road. That is why you should be always ready in case of emergencies. In every ride, make sure to bring a spare tube, pump, tire levers, and other tools that can fit in a saddlebag. Moreover, your bike should also have tail lights and headlights when riding at night or in bad weather. Some can be attached to your bike, while others are meant for helmets or pants.

Tips to remember for bike riding

If you are ready to ride a bike for the first time, you should remember these crucial tips for an overall enjoyable ride.

1. Wear a helmet at all times.

This should not be given second thoughts as it should be mandatory, to begin with. It may not be technically required in some areas, but safety should be on top of your list nonetheless.

2. Choose the type of bike that fits you right.

You can consult bike experts when you visit a bike shop in your area. The bike should not be painful in your back and your groin area when you ride on it. It is also important to determine the right saddle height for a more comfortable ride.

3. Join cycling clubs and explore more about biking.

Couple wearing helmets for cycling
You can try joining local cycling clubs to broaden your knowledge about biking. At the same time, you can mingle with other biking enthusiasts and learn a thing or two from them.

These are only some tips so you can enjoy your bike ride. However, safety should matter more and make sure to wear safety gear, such as a helmet to avoid unwanted accidents.