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happy bride on her wedding day

What’s Your Wedding-Day Worry?

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It’s hard to take the advice of friends to ‘relax and quit worrying’ when you’re planning a wedding. How can you just ‘chill out’, when you’re preparing for the biggest day of your life? You’re ironing out so many details when anything could fail in front of many people with smartphones on hand.

Here’s an unpopular opinion: it’s okay to get worried over your wedding day. If you have these wedding worries, it’s totally normal.

Bad weather

You don’t want to be telling your vows with your mascara dripping down your face because of the rain, right? Also, it will be a disaster to have half of your guests not turning up because they got stranded somewhere. The weather not cooperating is certainly a valid reason to be worried.

On the flip side, this compels you to be alert and come up with a good, comprehensive back-up plan. Or, you become more conscientious of your decisions. Like, for instance, in picking a venue, you’re quick to ask about the provider’s rain plans.

If they have alternative spaces for the ‘I do’s’ when it starts to pour down. If they have good locations for photoshoots even if everything’s wet and gloomy. If they could accommodate all of the guests indoors. If you’re still on the search for the perfect wedding venue, Tunbridge Wells has a lot of expert-approved places that will make your event rain-proof.

No-show vendors

This absolutely happens quite a few times. It can certainly make you go frantic when you realise you’ll have no DJ at the reception or have an empty wedding cake table. Again, use your anxiety towards putting up a good plan B. What should be there in the plan?

First off, if you have a wedding planner, you don’t need to worry. They will be putting out this fire before you even realise it. They will check the paperwork of documents and see if there are provisions in the contract about emergencies. Or, they might also reach out to other supplier-contacts to fill in the needed services.

If you do choose to skip the wedding planner though, designate people from your family or friends as the ones to take care of the missing-vendor problem. Remember, they have to be quick on their feet and have the right connections to tap. If you have friends who are in the events industry, for example, they might be good for this job.

bride talking to her wedding planner

Bride booboos

Tripping on the aisle. Stepping on your partner’s foot on the first dance. Speaking so fast during the vows. The bride booboos are endless. The key to avoiding this? Don’t be overly conscious of yourself. That’s where the mistakes usually crop up.

Focus on something other than yourself. The best option for this? Your groom. When you’re walking down the aisle, dancing at the reception, or telling your vows, keep your eyes locked at your significant other’s face. Slowly, the others will fade away. You’re with the love of your life. The movements and words will flow naturally.

It’s totally normal to get anxieties about your wedding day. But don’t get stuck there. Turn that worry into productive energy. Have a back-up plan. Imagine yourself overcoming. All the best!

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