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When to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

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A person involved in a car accident may suffer from all sorts of injuries, whether they’re obvious or not. No matter how careful you are on the road, you can be involved in such accidents due to the negligence of another person. What’s worse is it could be the fault of your driver (if you’re riding public transportation or ride-hailing through apps like Uber or Lyft).

What should you do then? Ideally, your first course of action should be to get help from an Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles — or should you? If you’re still in doubt whether it’s necessary to hire a lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case or not, read the guide below:

When you can manage it on your own

In states where a no-fault system applies, you probably won’t need a lawyer. Start by checking with your provider about your personal injury protection claim coverage. The insurance company will determine the value of your claim, but if you can process it yourself, you don’t need a lawyer to avail of compensation.

In this scenario, there’s an assumption that your injuries are minor and that you can still walk around, commute, and sit comfortably in waiting rooms. There’s no argument that this — doing everything on your own — is the best course of action, even if the accident was straightforward and there were no multiple parties involved. Everything depends on how much you’re willing to bother yourself with all the processes involved.

When hiring an attorney is the best course of action

If you’re hurt and cannot resume to your daily activities after an accident, you would most definitely need a personal injury attorney. This is because if you need ongoing care, you can benefit from receiving the maximum compensation you could get.

Aside from having someone to facilitate your claim, an experienced lawyer would know how to calculate the right amount based on state and federal laws. If you have no legal background and experience, you might not know what to take into account. You might miss the cost of missed work, for instance.

involved in a car accident

In addition, an attorney would be in the best position to negotiate terms with regards to your insurance company. Sometimes, car insurance companies are difficult to talk with. If the details of your accident are multifaceted and complex, a lawyer should be able to handle all communications with the insurance provider. They would know best how to protect your rights.

To hire or not to hire?

A personal injury case is not as simple as it seems, especially if the long-term health of an injured person is affected. A civil case might evolve into a criminal case if death is involved. When it is unclear as to who is at fault, and more than two parties have evidence against the others, there is no argument that hiring a lawyer is a smart decision.

Do you need to hire a lawyer, or is it enough that you file a personal injury claim by yourself? A serious accident involves many potential contributing factors. If an injured person wants to receive the compensation they deserve, hiring a lawyer is the best course of action. Don’t even doubt.

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