When planning the layout of your restaurant, the toilet is one of the areas that you should not overlook or skimp on. While your restaurant’s exterior façade and dining areas will create a lasting impression on your guests, your restaurant’s toilet also plays a vital role in completing their over-all dining satisfaction.

A disappointing experience when using the toilet likely leads to a negative opinion, regardless of how beautiful the rest of your restaurant is or how delicious the dishes in your menu are. As a restaurant owner, keep this guide in mind so you can build a toilet that will make your customers want to spend more time inside than they’re supposed to.

Create a Theme

Deciding what theme to use in your toilet may not be very difficult as you might imagine. You can design the toilet by staying consistent with your brand colours. Think of the toilet as an extension of your brand. Choose tiles that will complement your logo and make sure that they are installed properly. Line the edges of the toilet with tile trims made of stainless steel to add aesthetic value and to ensure that your tiles are held in place. Even if you have beautiful tiles installed, a toilet interior that looks run down or has crumbling tiles at certain places might affect your customer’s impression.

On the other hand, you can be more adventurous and design a theme that will bring out a more exciting and fun element in your restaurant. Loos, especially the ladies’, are places for selfies, so why not design them to your advantage? However, keep in mind that part of design planning is understanding your clientele. Strike a balance between fun and what is suitable to the area where you are building your restaurant in.

Set the Mood

Just like the physical elements of your restaurant, music and lighting are important considerations in toilet design.

Your choice of music should either match the over-all ambience of your restaurant or create a calming effect. If you’re catering to a younger crowd, an upbeat selection of tunes might be the ideal choice. But if you’re planning to build a fine-dining restaurant, soothing jazz music may be the better option.

cozy restroom

When it comes to lighting, make it a goal to provide your diners with an environment where they can relax and unwind. Add lighting fixtures that offer the right amount of brightness for them to freshen up, but without hurting their eyes.

Mind the Little Things

Small but important details like a steady supply of hand soap and paper towels, clean mirrors, fresh plants, or scented candles will make your diners feel that you pay attention to their needs.

Keep it Clean

Toilet cleanliness can either make or break your diners’ opinion of your restaurant. Stepping inside a foul-smelling or dirty toilet will not only make your customers lose appetite, but it may also make them lose trust in your business. Make sure your staff follow your toilet cleaning and maintenance schedule in order to prevent this.

Running a restaurant doesn’t end in providing your diners with great food and service. Other factors, including a well-designed and maintained toilet, will influence the success of your restaurant business.