a girl with braces

Why are Invisible Braces in Barnsley so Appealing?

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a girl with braces

A few years ago, metal braces were the only option when people wanted to straighten their teeth and improve their bite. Technological innovations in dentistry in recent years have added a whole new dimension to teeth straightening and patients can now transform their smile discreetly with invisible braces.

Invisible braces in Barnsley give many reasons not to live with crooked and gapped teeth. Invisalign helps teeth reposition with the aid of invisible aligners, whereas ceramic braces are fixed, invisible braces, which are made of tooth-coloured brackets and discreet wires. All these options, and many more are available by certified dentists in Yorkshire, including PDC Dental.

A discreet solution

Invisible braces in Barnsley are hardly noticeable. This is because they are made of discreet but durable materials such as transparent plastic or tooth-coloured porcelain. These braces are ideal for teenagers, professionals and people who think that metal braces can seriously compromise their image.


Invisalign invisible aligners are removable, meaning that patients do not have to wear them when they eat or brush their teeth. The aligners can also be removed for a special occurrence. However, Invisalign aligners require commitment and dedication to the treatment. Failing to wear them consistently for the biggest part of the day (up to 22 hours) can cause problems and delay the overall treatment.

As effective as regular braces

Cosmetic invisible braces in Barnsley are not only discreet, but they are also effective at straightening teeth and improving various bite problems. Depending on a patient’s dental problems, they can fix mild-to-moderate alignment issues as well as bite problems. However, prospective patients should be aware that invisible braces cannot deal with complicated dental issues such as twisted or rotated teeth, or other serious jaw-related issues. Sometimes, serious dental problems can only be addressed with metal braces.

Consistent results

Invisible braces offer consistent results as long as patients follow certain guidelines and visit the dentist for check-ups and adjustments regularly. In most cases, the dentist will provide a set of retainers to wear overnight after treatment. These aligners are designed to reduce relapse among adults and minimise the need for extra teeth-straightening treatment.

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