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Business Leadership: Why Certifications Matter in Business?

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There’s a great divide between thinking you know what to do and actually knowing what to do. The latter makes you an expert; the former could make you a fraud. That’s why certifications matter in any profession. It’s really hard to practice law if you don’t really know how to go about defending a case, and you just think you can pull it off. It’s a question of your current state.

Then again, there are those that pretend they are learned for the sole purpose of deception. The recent case of a man Malachi Love-Robinson, 20, who posed as a medical doctor in Florida early this year is one bitter reminder. In the end, the young American had been sentenced to a minimum 6-year prison for his elaborate con. And that’s not counting the other fraud charges filed against him.

Indeed, certification matters. And it can surely play a crucial role in building your business. In a world where information can be had easily online, knowing which parties can give you the standard you need is wise.

Of course, some people will insist knowledge is enough and certification is just a piece of paper. Think, however, that certifications ensure someone is responsible if things go south. Working with someone who isn’t certified means you’re undermining your business. You’re putting faith in a party that is not legally bound to adhere to an approved standard.

It Sets You Apart

In a competitive world, training can give you a competitive advantage over other professionals. In your business, it means you’re setting yourself apart from the competition. Let’s face it, professionals who are certified means your quality of work is a lot more assured than working with people who aren’t.

A glorious example here is when a construction worker undergoes a CSCS blue card certification. Once he is certified, you’re pretty sure his skills are at par with the standards you need to come up with quality construction.

Business leaders who constantly train themselves give themselves the needed edge to stay on top of the competition. Some of the most recommended business certifications you can take have to do with sales management and project management.

Boost Sales

When you add a business certification to your brand, you boost your brand’s credibility with your customers. It shows them that you have refined your processes and trained your personnel to improve your overall performance. For instance, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED certification tells speaks highly of your eco-friendly and energy-friendly ways as a company.

Think about it. When two companies are vying for the same client. What will the client conclude if he notices that you’re a LEED-certified company and the other is not? Or when your delivery boxes are marked with LEED seal? You’re bound to acquire the attention you need to prosper.

Boost Efficiency

business leaders

Certifications mean you follow strict guidelines in your methodologies. It gives your market the confidence that your eyes are set on quality. Even better, it shows that you have been willing to be scrutinized and let experts check on your standards. That is only possible with dedication and business determination. You are willing to do what it takes to put a premium on your products.

In business when you’re running after a deadline, efficiency can easily be forgotten along the way at dire consequences.

In this regard, the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill in Alaska in 1989 comes to mind. It reveals how much danger too much oil in a tanker can give Mother Earth. To date, the 37,000 metric tons of oil spilled into the sea by the tanker meant the deaths of 250,000 sea birds, 300 harbor seals, 22 killer whales, 250 bald eagles, and thousands of sea otters. Worse, populations of these animals have not recovered today even after 30 years.

As a reaction, after a massive clean-up that involved thousands of people, the U.S. Congress has passed a law requiring all oil tankers in American waters to have double hulls.

Greater Chances for Business Growth

A business is only as good as the people who run it. By equipping yourself with training and acquiring a certification in the process, you enhance the ability of your business to expand. When Steve Jobs took calligraphy lessons in Reed College, he was doing so with a purpose. He may have liked design early on but truly his calligraphy classes allowed him to design Apple computers better.

When you train in a new field such as accounting or learn the ropes of new technology such as robotics, you bring the future of your company with you. You expand the possibilities of business. In this regard, getting certified is like the branding of the cow on a farm. Your professional papers will tell everyone you’re ready to expand your business to new heights.

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